How to send Christmas gifts while travelling

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This is our first year travelling over Christmas. I know a lot of ‘regular’ families get a buzz from booking a Christmas trip to somewhere cold and exciting like Lapland. Seeing Santa, the snow and everything Christmas themed is just so thrilling. This is our first Christmas away from home and we aren’t travelling specifically for Christmas… we are travelling because we are travelling full-time. We have had to think on our feet a little to make Christmas special for the people we left at home. Here is how we, and others, can send Christmas gifts while travelling.

christmas gifts while travelling

Use a parcel company

One of the first ways we learnt to send gifts home was using parcel companies, our favourite being Send My Bag. They pick up the parcel you package up right from your hotel and drop it right at the door of the person you are sending to. We sent a bag from Bangkok, it was picked up at 6pm on a Friday and was with our family by Tuesday in Scotland. You can use our link to save yourself $8 on your package.

christmas gifts while travelling
Have gifts delivered from exotic places

Use the local post office

christmas gifts while travelling
Send a postcard if you are short on time, money or don’t trust the post office workers

Use this option with caution – we just got majorly scammed in Chiang Mai after paying to send a backpack to Scotland. We later found out they kept the money for themselves and acted like we never paid anything at our end – meaning we had to send money home to our family and have them pay to get it out of customs. Bigger parcel can cause issues like this but a simple postcard or Christmas card won’t cost much and it is a really nice gesture.


Amazon is always an option for sending gifts to others, especially to send Christmas gifts while travelling. You can even request things to be wrapped and mark it as a gift so the receipt doesn’t arrive with it. Here are some of our favourite gifts to send home this Christmas:

NamePriceOur Rating (0/5) 
Water to Go purification water bottleCheck5.0
Toiletry OrganiserCheck4.5
Laptop backpackCheck4.8
Acer Predator Gaming LaptopCheck4.9
Apple Ipad, 32 GBCheck5.0

For more travel Christmas gift ideas check out this post by Going Where the Wind Blows.

Aloe Vera

christmas gifts while travelling
Our travel kit is a great gift

We swear by everything Aloe Vera and use our own online store to order and send gifts to people. This is one of the ways we often send Christmas gifts while travelling or sort our packages for Christmas while we vacation abroad. You can even buy Christmas bags to put the products in, making Christmas more simple than ever. Pick something simple yet elegant like our travel kit, or something more interesting like face serum or perfume. Heck, maybe even buy the travel kit for yourself! Use our guide to help you pick something or shop directly on our store.


This year we have used a silk flower company to send home flowers for my Mum. She loves plants and flowers but they often die quickly, so I decided to pick her some silk flowers this year so they can last all year long. Our favourite company delivers them right to the door in perfect condition. You can also consider live flowers for a fresher, but less -lasting look.


christmas gifts while travelling
Fly your family out to see you as their Christmas gift

One of our favourite things to buy each other is tickets to somewhere new. We did this in 2016 and visited the Canary Islands for Travis’ first trip abroad. We went just before Christmas so he could be with family for the big day, and the tickets were a much fairer price at this time. Whether you decide to whisk someone away for some winter sun or to plan ahead for a trip they have always wanted, travel is always an amazing gift to give someone. This year we gave money towards both of our Mum’s tickets to Thailand to visit us in January 2018.

Think outside of the box

Although it is nice to send physical gifts, or gifts that turn into services in the future, something simple will always be appreciated too. Get a picture of you all on the beach in Christmas hats and send it to your family on Christmas Day with a fun, heart-warming Christmas message. Maybe record you all singing a Christmas song or put together a Christmas video to send back home. There are a lot of fun ways to think outside of the box! Sending home Christmas gifts while travelling is not all about products and services, I can assure you your family will love something more personal from you.

What Christmas 2017 looks like for the Meldrums

We will be in Bangkok for Christmas. There are a few reasons for this but one is to be with friends. Our favourite travel couple from London To Everywhere will be in Bangkok and we want to spend time with them. We also have two friends from back home in Scotland who will be in Bangkok over Christmas.

Rebecca from London to Everywhere has organised that we do a Secret Santa to keep the Christmas feeling special for Travis. We won’t spend a lot but this way we will all have a gift. I am suggesting we all bring something that will make our Christmas more enjoyable or something that reminds us of Christmas back home.

We are staying near Khao San Road, we love the vibe and the food there and we know 100% we will be happy in Bangkok and happy in Thailand in general. Find out more ways you can celebrate Christmas while travelling here.

How do you send or receive Christmas gifts while travelling?

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  • I love your ideas for a non-physical Christmas gift! If my family were away over Christmas I know something personal from them would be the best gift I could get 🙂

  • Oh I do love the idea of Amazon’s giftwrap option but I’ve never used it myself. Had fun sending Christmas cards from Gran Canaria last year as they didn’t meet the minimum envelope size requirement. I had to buy new larger envelopes and readdress them all!

    • That must have been a nightmare! We sent postcards from Thailand which was very simple but sending a bag we ended up being scammed out and paying for it twice

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