Review: Sleeper train: Surat Thani to Bangkok

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Train: Sleeper train Surat ThaniBangkok

Type: 1st class

Date: May 2016


We booked first class tickets though a Thai friends of ours at the Charm Beach Resort. He managed to get us two adjoining rooms (since we were traveling as a three.) Each room had two bunks. We were first class but in the UK I don’t think this would even count as 3rd class. The thing is though there were clean and private so that is all that matters. We paid around £30 each for a ticket which isn’t bad since we didn’t need accommodation for that night.

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The train brought us breakfast in the morning which we thought was included. But if I remember right we did end up paying for it. That might be a lie. The breakfast was nothing special and it was really sweet for so early in the morning. Most of ours got binned. They woke us up too early for it when we were exhausted so even our tea went cold as we slept.


I was exhausted by the time I got on the train. I had been napping in the train station in Surat Thani so was delighted to get into a ‘bed.’ The bed was comfortable enough it was just short so anyone taller than me (5’1) needed to scrunch up their knees which I guess can get uncomfortable.

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Sleeper train Surat Thani Bangkok
David napping on the sleeper train


We saw a lot of people waiting on this train. The only others we spoke to were an older British couple who were also traveling first class back to Bangkok.

My favourite part

I loved being part of the experience of riding a Thai sleeper train. It was so exciting to me

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My least favourite part

The train was so late. Every time we checked when it was due it had been delayed some more. The same happened for us arriving to Bangkok. We were told 10 minutes for hours… Typical Thailand, ha!

Sleeper train: Surat Thani Bangkok
We spent hours in a quiet train station in Surat Thani

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Sleeper train Surat Thani to Bangkok
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Sleeper train Surat Thani Bangkok
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Sleeper train Surat Thani Bangkok
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  • 10 hours late? That is really late!! I’ve heard traveling in some countries means taking the schedule with a grain of thought. We have not tried a sleeper train yet. I tried once in Italy but there was a strike so we had to move to just another regular car – which meant zero sleep. LOL! It looks like a great way to travel though to get some rest and save your day time for things that are more fun!

  • I haven’t been on a sleeper train before. I guess that it’s a cheap way to get about but it doesn’t exactly sound luxurious. However it does sound like a fun experience, for all the discomfort!

  • I took a train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai that arrived horrendously late too! It’s crazy haha. I actually went on this route as well, but we didn’t have our own rooms. The beds were lengthways along the train and you just had a curtain to pull over for privacy! I think it’s a fun experience, and it does save on accommodation!

  • Now that is one honest review. I can very well relate to the train being late, as it happens a lot in India as well. Experiencing Thailand through a sleeper train is definitely something which am not going to miss out the next time am in Thailand.

  • I have not traveled via a sleeper train. I am worried about the toilet situation. I read a review that you need to buy a bottled water from the station before boarding because the water in the toilet was really dirty. However, it still sounds like an exciting adventure. I know that a lot of backpackers have tried this.

    • Well the toilet was just a hole in the floor, no water was in there until flush. Maybe you mean for the hands, if you do we had no issue with that it was all okay

  • I took the sleeper train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and it looks to be exactly the same experience and train. The train took forever to arrive, they didn’t give the typical Thai 10 minutes excuse though, although I’ve heard that may times! I went to seven eleven before taking the train and stocked up, so was lucky that I could refuse the food they brought us.
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  • No, but I took one to Chiang Mai. It was similar. over an hour late (which I was told to expect). We just went in normal class though so it was a long carriage full of beds with a bathroom at one end. I loved the experience for the fun and entertainment value. It was also good to save money on accommodation. But I can;t say I got much sleep. it was so noisy and I’m 5’8 so I was a little cramped up in my bed haha.

  • I love train traveling – and I sleep very well on trains! Haha. I’d probably be super cramped up in fetal position on the trains in Thailand, though. I’m too tall. Sounds like an interesting experience, though! And arriving in Bangkok must have been fun!

  • In India there are many sleeper trains and in my childhood I have always travelled bu it. Good you have written all truth about sleepsr trains about tall people cannot adjust to short and thin berths. Also it is true this long distance trains gets late for from 10 min to 10 hours. You have paid for one day and sometimes you get ride for 2 days …LOL

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