Review: Snorkel Silfra with Gray Line Iceland

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Location: Snorkel Silfra with Gray Line Iceland in Þingvellir National Park

Date: April 2016

Cost: 199 Euros each


Gray Line are a tour company based in Iceland. They offer many different tours around Iceland, including the famous Golden Circle. We randomly came across a post about snorkelling between the two tectonic plates in Iceland and became mesmerised by the idea. We were gutted we couldn’t dive it but we weren’t going to be PADI certified for another 2 weeks. That is an option if you already have your diving licence though!

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We were picked up at the hotel and dropped at a bus station in town until a bus full of others going to the same place turned up. We were the youngest and most European of people there, except the bus driver who was Greek. The rest of our bus-mates were older Americans. They were all super nice though.


To snorkel Silfra with Gray Line Iceland you are taken on a bus from the city to Þingvellir National Park. It took roughly an hour and we drove through gorgeous scenery to get there. There was a small cafe and shop near the location that you stop at before and after to warm up.

Snorkel Silfra with Gray Line Iceland
On the bus keeping warm

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There were a range of instructors. There were both male and female. We met a lovely Icelandic woman whose boyfriend was actually Scottish so she understood us well and knew the area that we were from! Most of the instructors didn’t talk much. They got on with their jobs and were very to-the-point.

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I found that our driver was more open and willing to explain things to us.

My favourite part

I loved this experience. So far it is by far the coolest and most exciting thing I have ever done. The views were crystal clear, you could see so far down into the water. I cannot even explain it. We weren’t skilled enough to take our GoPro so I’m attaching someone elses movie of the experience below so you can get an idea of how beautiful it is.

My least favourite part

I am from Scotland so I can handle the cold, but the cold I felt this day was off the scale. I have never felt so cold and uncomfortable in my life. Dry suits are pretty tight and actually kind of hurt. They leave some parts of you exposed to the elements and in that time between getting fully dressed into your gear and getting into the water you kind of regret your decision really hard.

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Stepping into that water and seeing the view takes away all of that regret though. It was totally worth every minute of discomfort.
You need to Snorkel Silfra while in Iceland #Iceland #travel
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Snorkel Silfra with Gray Line Iceland and never regret it #travel
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  • Yeah, you’re much more brave than I would be. I give you a lot of credit for trying this interesting adventure. You are a trooper for sure. Luckily you were rewarded with an incredible view. Loved the video.

  • I didn’t know about the option to snorkel Silfra. I cannot imagine the cold you felt as I’ve never been in such a situation, it must be so much colder than the cold Yorkshire weather I’m used to! I’m sure seeing the fault lines beneath the water was worth this new level of cold!

  • took me awhile to realise that silfra was a place in iceland and not a new snorkel type activity! how beautiful! your underwater video is just simply breath-taking. definitely an activity i’d put down as a must do for iceland.

  • Snorkeling in such cool waters is unimaginable. Gray line always offers nice services. Also do we get clothes on rent or carry with us?

  • Wow, I never thought that Iceland offer snorkeling and diving as well! I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland because of landscapes, but now that I know that they offer water experiences too, it makes me feel more excited to go. Though I am not sure about the cold water because I grew up in a tropical country. However, this is something I need to experience too! Thank you for sharing!

  • There is a Grey Line tour company in Amsterdam too! Snorkeling in between 2 tectonic plates? Whoa! That sounds incredibly incredible! If its cold for you when you’re from Scotland, being from India, it would freeze me!

  • magine myself in your place as am scared of ocean … But I really liked your adventure <3 and as a traveller iceland is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  • Wow! what an experience, loved watching your video. Bet it was freezing though! we’re heading to Iceland this year will have to add it to our list!

    • Thanks it wasn’t mine though! I mentioned in the post we couldn’t record because of the cold. It was so awesome though I’d say try it for sure

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