Social media profiles you need for your business

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If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur you need to get yourself set up on social media. Most larger companies have already realized this and you need to follow their lead. Here is why social media for business is so important and which sites you should be signing up to right now.

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What is social media?

Social media is a platform for communication. If the case of businesses and entrepreneurs it is a way for you to connect with new and existing customers in an informal manner. Social media is a place to be social and that is exactly why you need it. You can collect testimonials on your social pages which are easily searched and found by every single person who uses the internet.

What do social media managers do

On a more serious side you can use social media for marketing and track it much more effectively than traditional marketing methods. Most social media websites offer insight and statistics about posts that show you how many people are viewing or clicking on it, whether those people are mainly male or female, where they are located. You can do so much more than this but this is just the start.

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What social media is essential for businesses?

You should really get to know as many social platforms as possible. Each and every one you sign up to and use regularly could be bringing you new leads. Each has its own pros and cons too. To keep it simple and so you do not get overwhelmed I’d sign up to the king of social media as a starting point.


I’ve said before that Facebook is the king of social media and you can read more about that in my post here. You should make a business ‘page’ that everyone and anyone can find on Facebook. People can choose to like it or not, which means you aren’t bugging people with promotional material who just really aren’t interested.

what do social media managers do

You can invite your friends and family to like the page to get some fans initially and you can mention the page to customers to go on, like the page and maybe even leave a review. Your page can get messages which makes it easy for potential customers to contact you without a hassle.

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To set up a good profile add your logo as a profile picture, or a clean picture of yourself if you are an entrepreneur. Set up a banner along the top using Canva, this will make sure you are sizing it correctly and that all of the image will be seen. If you upload a square picture you are likely to lose some of it with the crop that Facebook applies.


If your product or service is very visually appealing (think food, art, travel) then you should be in Instagram. It is a photo sharing platform. Most businesses are moving to using Instagram now because of its huge potential. You can use hashtagging to further promote your pictures which is fantastic. If you do well your photograph will stay ranked as one of the top 9 images for the hashtag gaining it even more exposure.

the power of the hashtag
My hashtags on a travel post

Users can also search photographs by location which is great for location based businesses. For ideas on how to grow your Instagram following check out this post.


Twitter is a short messaging tool. Your messages must be less than 140 characters. This platform originally wasn’t about images but research has shown that using images on Twitter helps with engagement. Generally tweets are made to be quite funny, or are directly to the point. For example most of my followers on Twitter have come from tweeting my articles, or the articles of others, and from using hashtags such as #travel and #familytravel.


If you create any kind of video then you need YouTube. YouTube is the king of video and it also has some other interesting things about it, such as it is owned by Google who of course then rank YouTube better in Google searches. You can read more about why you need YouTube in my article here.

tips on wifi in Kenya

That being said, Facebook prefers video to be uploaded to its own platform so if you want to do well on Facebook upload some videos there too.

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Pinterest is becoming a huge player in the social media world. Especially as a choice for social media for business. Bloggers and businesses alike are experiencing huge exposure because of Pinterest and especially with the introduction of Tailwind. You can learn how to create a successful and appealing Pinterest profile as a business or entrepreneur in my article here.

how to beat jetlag

Google +

As mentioned about YouTube, Google + is also prefered in Google rankings so this reason alone is a good reason to be on Google +. I haven’t mastered this one yet but I am learning. I use Hootsuite to schedule my posts and I just tick to send it to G+ along with the others I want to schedule to. It is actually getting me a small amount of exposure so it is work it for the extra second of clicking.

There are way, way more social media channels you can use to promote yourself. I will go into detail more about these in other posts, especially if I experience a huge growth from them.

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What has been your favourite social media for business? What helped your grow?

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