10 social media management tips for Mumpreneurs

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So many busy Mums are start up on their own and learning ways to earn money from home. I have come to connect with a lot of these ladies through my blog engagement group, and you are all so badass! You are a serious group of Mumpreneurs who put their life and soul into learning a tonne of new skills, including how to be a social media manager.

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social media management tips
You can do your social media management from anywhere, at any time

I admire all of you and the work you put into your websites, while handling the wild side of being a Mother. You all teach me so much, every single day. I have put together these social media management tips to help ladies like you get control of their social pages and to help make things run a bit more smoothly, freeing up more time to just be a Mum. That is why we started in the first place right?

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  1. Connect. The best thing you can do to promote your small business is begin to connect with other people in your position. My best customers have been people who I met through networking.

  2. Master. Learn one social media platform really well. So many people spread themselves thin and do rubbish, or even okay, on all social media platforms. The most successful people I have some across have all mastered one type of social media. I know ladies getting 700 blog views a day from just Pinterest, or a Mom blogger with over 10k Instagram followers who is always asked to work with brands.

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  3. Promote. There are so many ways to promote your work through SEO, Facebook groups, Pinterest, conversation and way more. The truth is if you are not promoting your work then likely it is only you who is seeing it. That will amount to nothing in monetary terms.

  4. Optimize your social pages. This means use tags on YouTube, use your logo on Facebook, have an attractive banner, Use keywords on Pinterest. There are many ways to optimize your social media accounts and you can find all the information on this with a few Google searches. These small changes can create big differences in terms of visibility, views and followers.

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  5. Schedule. If you are a Mom, or even if not, scheduling is your best friend. You need to be prepared and not searching for things to post on the day. Hootsuite is your best friend. Add in the maximum three accounts to the free plan and use it to your advantage. You can schedule to all three platforms in one go. Using this tactic you can schedule for months in advance if you want. Use Hootsuite to plan ahead for times you know you are just way too busy to be online.

  6. Be consistent. If you want to post one time a day, great. If you want to post 6 times a day, great. Whatever you decide – stick to it. If your fans are used to you being online multiple times a day do not suddenly disappear without warning.

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  7. Interact. Social media is called social for a reason. Your fans expect you to be available for conversation, afterall you are a real human aren’t you? They want to see this in the conversations they have with you online. If someone leaves you a comment that does not warrant a response then just like it. Showing you are there and using the account like a real person would brings people back time and time again.

  8. Build trust. Linking in with the above, you should be talking with people and answering any questions they have. Let people talk to the real you and show your personality. It has been said a number of times that people buy from people. They learn to trust you, become obsessed with your story and your background and want to be in your position. Giving them bits and bobs of information about you and your life lets them get to know you, learn to trust you. When someone trusts you they are more likely to buy form you. Use your social media to tell stories about you and show the behind the scenes of your business.

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  9. Promote others. Like I mentioned above it is nice to make connections with other people in your position. If their product does not clash with yours, why not promote it? You never know, they may do the same for you some day. Without just referring to products you should be using your social media to promote others peoples work that is valuable to your audience too. This is a big rule in social media management. You should only post a maximum of 50% of the time about your own business. Less is possible. This means sharing other peoples work, their funny stories and pictures and their offers (of course unless they clash with what you are offering.)

  10. Do not forget about your social media pages. I mentioned before that you want to seem real. If you schedule for three months then disappear on social then people won’t think you are real. If they want to get a hold of you and you do not respond it does not look good for you. It does the opposite actually. In an online world bad word can spread rapidly, so make sure you are there to keep on top of things before they spiral.

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    Social media management tips for busy Mumpreneurs
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