My journey to becoming a Social Media Manager

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Many, many people want to travel the world. But how? You can basically do it one of two ways… You sell everything you own and have a large capital of money to fund your travels for a limited time, or you find some way to make money to find your way around the world. I have learnt how to travel the world as a Social Media Manager and I am here to share my knowledge with you.

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That one trip

It all starts with that one trip. The one trip that you know changes how you see the world. You never want to go home, and when you do you just dream about leaving again. That one trip for me was to Thailand in May 2016. I came back and I wasn’t the same. I began to desperately search the internet for ways to make money online.

social media manager
Just passed my PADI in Thailand!

Finding your tribe

I joined a Facebook group called the Freedom Junkies. You should totally join, if you have any burning feelings about wanting to be free  from the boss, the cubicle, you need to join this group. I wasn’t so sure what to think of the people in there, claiming to make money online in many different ways… blogging, coaching, writing as social media manager types and so much more. It seemed totally alien to me.

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I didn’t want to pay out for something that I didn’t believe in so I kept looking.

Joining an MLM

I stayed part of the Freedom Junkies group but I didn’t say much really. Actually Facebook started to suggest me more people and pages with the Freedom lifestyle and I came across a woman named Michelle who was earning crazy money from anywhere she felt like in the world.

social media manager
Us enjoying our apartment in Fuerteventura

I ended up joining her team at Forever Living and made a fair bit of money fairly quickly. The extra money paid for us to go to Fuerteventura in December 2016 and our profits covered the whole thing, flights, hotel and extras.

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Taking the Social Media Manager course

I kept lurking in the Freedom Junkies group and saw people achieving amazing and beautiful things because of this wonderful woman Nicole. I began to learn more and more, started to interact with people and ended up signing up to the course on Christmas Eve. It was the best gift I have ever got myself.

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I started to get picked on in my work (really picked on, I am about to sign a settlement agreement because of how I was treated and have been compensated quite nicely because of the poor treatment with my previous employer.) Within a month of joining Nicoles course I applied to two Social Media Manager jobs. I was offered them both and for a while I was working three jobs and building my online business and blog at the same time.

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Getting into writing

I was offered guest posting positions with some really cool digital magazines which you can check out here and here – something I only every dreamed of before. I used to make myself a write on The Sims and I never once thought I could achieve that in real life. I took inspiration from the other Freedom Junkies and followed in their amazing footsteps.

My blog began to take off, and with some sound advice I got from the other Freedom Junkies I landed travel sponsorship’s before my blog was even 6 months old. My writing and the fact I had taken Nicole’s course helped me secure permanent employment as a Content Specialist – a job I can do from literally anywhere in the world I choose.

I managed to quit my job with my old employer, and managed to drop my third job and focus on the one I loved the most.

In a few months I am moving to Asia… I wouldn’t be here today is it wasn’t for  the Freedom Junkies, you have all helped shape my life.

My journey to becoming a Social Media Manager #smm #digitalnomad
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Social Media Manager and how I became one #smm
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