Social media marketing tips for Instagram growth

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A lot of businesses are turning to social media marketing to grow their Instagram now, and it is not hard to see why. Instagram is very popular among millennials and it should absolutely be utilised in your marketing strategy. Instagram is very visual and so it works very well with people who offer something appeal, which photographs well… Think food, products, views! It can be hard to know where to start with Instagram so I am writing down a few tips to help you out.

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5 social media marketing tips for Instagram growth

Follow people who are relevant to your niche.

You might wonder where to find these people… Take a look at your competitors pages. Who are they targeting? You can view a list of people who follow a certain account and click on their pages. Its a good idea to do this as they are interested in what your competitor offers, so likely are interested in you too. You can follow them, comment on their pics, like pics and send messages. Do anything you can to try to engage with them.

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Find your niche

Use hashtags.

With each post you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags… personally I use anywhere between 15-30 per post to maximise exposure. Again, research your hashtags or using them will be totally pointless. Check your competitors tags and use the same ones if they work well. Another way to find tags is using apps or websites which give lists of hashtags which work well. For example check out RiteTag. You can search hashtags, check whats trending and get a list of similar tags to use.

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Try to get featured.

There are some accounts which feature other peoples pictures. They usually have a much larger following and so you get exposed to much more people, usually resulting in new followers. You can also find a few accounts that pay to let you do this, that is entirely up to you. I also like to use google to find out a list of accounts or tags which offer featuring for the pictures they like. I managed to get a list of around 100 of travel accounts who feature peoples pictures.

Use the location tool.

If you sell physically from a store this can be super handy to find people nearby you. You can search a town name and find all the people who tagged their picture as being from that location! This is a great way to get to know people nearby and build a local audience.

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Post relevant and great content.

Do not post rubbish pictures just to post. You will lose followers and likely respect and reputation too.

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Using these social media marketing techniques has gained me 200 followers in the past week alone! Hurrah!


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