The best solar light for travellers

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We travel with a two year old so it can be tough staying in hotels or AirBnbs where there is not always a light on to keep our son feeling secure. This solar light for travellers has been our answer to making sure he is not afraid of the dark, anywhere we go.

solar light for travellers
The light when you get it

What they are?

These are some of the best lights going and to make them even better they are solar powered. We got ours from First Ascent and they came very quickly. There are two different lights. One light are ideal to have incase of a power cut or if your in the outdoors as they are quite powerful and you will be able to still do whatever it is you were gonna do. The other could be used in the house incase of a power cut but more acts like a candle giving of the amber like glow. Both of the solar lights also have a handle so that you can hold them like a torch.

solar light for travellers
This one glows golden


Before the light is blown up it is flat-packed. This makes it incredibly easy to store when not in use. When the solar lights are blown up it is approx 6-10 inches standing up on its own. So even blown up its not very big however very handy to have incase of emergency or even as a garden light. There are two sizes we have, they both fold really small are are super easy to pack into any bag.

solar light for travellers
The light folded down is only about 1.5cm high

How it works

The solar lamp is powered by the sun. So if you leave it in the sun for approx eight hours it will have a full charge. Due to the light being inside the waterproof blown up wall they stay lit when there is wind. As just previously stated they are both waterproof. These lights add a lovely warm inviting light to wherever you may be. Both lights are safe to have around kids and pets which is fantastic so you don’t have to find a high place in the house to use them or worry about them being in your garden and harming anyone. Lastly another cool feature of the solar lights is they work deflated or inflated.

Travelling with kids? A solar light for travellers might be what you need. | travel lamp | solar lamp | travel with kids
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Travelling with kids? A solar light for travellers might be what you need. | travel lamp | solar lamp | travel with kids
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