The story behind my travel tattoo

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A few years back I fell in love with the story Alive. Its about a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashes in the Andes mountains. The basic jist of the story is to survive the ordeal they have to eat each other and climb out of mountains that even the most experienced climbers find difficult to navigate. This was the story behind my original travel tattoo, but you can find other cute travel tattoos on Buzzfeed.

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Unfortunately the result of the tattoo was something way less than glamorous. People often commented on it and told me it looked like a terrible pen drawing that needed washed off. Years of torment and personal unhappiness with the result meant I wanted it fixed. I turned to my friend Ailsa the owner of 119 tattoo in Galashiels who agreed to fix it for me.

The new travel tattoo

The new travel tattoo was to be much bigger than the original, mainly to cover it and also just to help it be a little more badass! I was sick of having a child’s drawing on my arm and I wanted something that really rocked. Ailsa and I discussed some great ideas, but ultimately I left it in her talented hands. I really love her work and trusted her to make something impressive on my arm.

travel tattoo
Just after the touch up

The new meaning

I fell in love with Chiang Mai when I went to Thailand in 2016. The whole area is just buzzing and exciting. I learnt that Chiang Mai lays in the bottom of the Himalayan mountains which was really special to me since I had mountains tattooed on my arm. I wanted to incorporate this into my new tattoo.

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Elephants play a big part in Chiang Mai too and many people visit the area to volunteer in the retired elephant park which I thought was really cool. I had always wanted an elephant tattoo so I decided to blend the the mountains into an elephants back to represent the slavery of the elephants in the tourism trade.

travel tattoo
The before and after

You can read about my tattoo and other beautiful travel tattoos in this article by Girls Wanderlust.

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