How to survive your first solo road trip

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Age 21 (just!) is when I decided to take my first road trip. I had driven before, don’t get me wrong, but what I was about to embark on was a 7 hour trip, over 400 miles through the UK! It was so exciting but I was also really sad. I knew I was leaving a lot behind and that scared me. I needed some tricks to help survive first solo road trip alone.

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The sole reason for this trip was to go and see a boy. I had liven in Scotland all of my life until now, and I had actually not had my own car for long either. So this was all brand new to me.

Here are a few things that helped me get through it alone;


Every body enjoys a good sing-song on a road-trip. But I was obsessed with music at the time. I truly believe music can transport you to a different world. It is much easier these days to have a wide variety of music in the car. Back then it was a good old CD job, but now you can link up and iPod with tonnes of variety.

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survive first solo road trip

Chuck on a bunch of playlists to keep you going. I was all about seeing the time slip away because I could not wait to get to my destination. I was so excited. Make different kinds of playlists, happy songs, sad songs, sing-along songs! Anything to keep you amused on the lonely hours between stops.

Pack some food

I for one am I comfort eater. I can definitely keep myself more amused if I have something to pick at. Pick a few of your favourite items and have them on the seat beside you to keep you amused as the hours roll by. Make sure to pack a drink too. You don’t want to be pulling off the road every time you need to wet your tongue.

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Take a SAT NAV

My Dad bought me a Sat-Nav after getting lost on the way to my exams in Edinburgh . It was a disaster and I had been lost in the city driving around aimlessly for hours. Yes, hours! He would call me periodically to see if I had made my way out and the answer was usually no. Ha.

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My Sat-Nav gave me peace of mind and kept me reassured I was on the right route. This was invaluable for me. I also found that seeing how many miles I had left kept me motivated to keep seeing that number drop. It was a real uplift to me to see the distance drop and drop as I drove.

Fill the tank before you go

Nothing is more of a bummer than having to stop the car a short time into your journey. I absolutely hate stopping for fuel at the best of times so I always made sure to fill it to the top as quickly as possible. This means you are able to pick a garage you know is quiet, rather than one on the motorway. Saves time and saves impulse buys while on the road!

There was a lot more I done to keep myself amused. Of course I daydreamed, I done a loudspeaker call with my boyfriend when I was close enough. The time really flew by! My road trip was 80% motorways (highways) so it was pretty boring and not much beautiful scenery to watch on the way! I do get really excited when I drive past or through places I have head of before though! So that was great fun!

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Have you got any tips for taking road trips? Let me know!

survive first solo road trip
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survive first solo road trip
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