Swimming in Peebles: The Meldrums experience

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It has been our intention to take Travis swimming in Peebles for some time now. But a mix of things have got in the way of that. However, we woke up today and decided today was the day! We packed our swimming stuff and quickly hopped into the car for Peebles, full of excitement about the new experience ahead. I knew this would help us create an adventure for Travis (see more about why I love adventure!)

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Peebles swimming pool changing rooms
Travis in the changing rooms

The drive to Peebles was beautiful. The journey sees you passing the beautiful Cardrona hotel an next an old castle’s ruins, Glentress forest and finally 7stanes. The whole journey is picture perfect. To get to the pool you need to drive down the lovely Peebles High Street. This street has glorious views of the Eastgate Theatre, the Church and the Old Parish Church.

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Peebles high street
Peebles high street

Turning into the swimming pool to the right after the roundabout we finally parked up. We were amazed to see that parking cost only a mere 20p (which is refunded if you take the ticket to the desk when you pay inside!) While David paid Travis and I snuck off down a little path we had discovered beside the car park! It took us right down to the bank of the Tweed.

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river Tweed, Peebles
Looking into the Tweed

In the distance the sound of a mini waterfall tumbled and roared. To find a safer place to explore we headed off in the other down another small path, which finally led us onto some stones. It was here we could dip our feet in the murky water. Travis had a try in it and he was not impressed! I let him walk back on to the stones and he very much enjoyed watching the water run by him.

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Peebles swimming pool
Waiting to get ready

Next we headed into the swimming pool and quickly hurried into the changing rooms. Uncle Ryan had bought Travis a cool new swimsuit so we dressed Travis in that. He certainly suits the swimmer look! Afterward I walked Travis to the pool while David secured our locker. I was amazed that Travis was having so much fun already, he loved his feet being wet on the changing room floor and being able to splash just made his day. Next we explored the baby pool where Travis was a bit nervous at first. Of course the cool the toys soon made him feel at home and he opened up and began to really enjoy himself. He went crazy! There was splashing, dunking, singing and playing. It was the perfect morning and a very successful first trip to the swimming pool.

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Just before Peebles at Glentress
The view at Glentress

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Travis goes swimming in Peebles
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