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On a recent trip to Costa Brava with my Mum we got into conversation about getting a tattoo while we were there. This conversation took place just a couple of days before my travel tattoo article went live on the site, and I ended up getting tattooed on the exact day it went live. Find out why I chose to get my tattoo in Spain.

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Picking a design

Of course I wanted another  travel tattoo for my next piece of art. I found a design online and designed to amend it to fit my personal tastes better. I took it to the store and had the artist amend the size and lines on the design to make  them darker and thicker. We made some changes and the artist drew it up.

tattoo spain price
I looked through a lot of work to decide on my design

Picking a store

I wanted to pick a store that was known to be clean and safe. We asked the cleaner in our hotel who through limited English told us to look near the train station in Calella. We walked around for hours scoping out the different stores and finally settled on Alex Tattoo in Calella town.

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There were some girls in the store at the time arguing with the store owner that 40 euros was too much for a small tattoo. He had to actually explain to them about the minimum cost. It was nice to hear the same information I have heard in the professional stores I have used in the UK – and I was just so glad they were professional enough to open new inks and needles for each customer. My mind was made.

Negotiating a price

Originally I asked for a 20cm tattoo on my leg. The cost for this was going to be 300 Euros- I was just not willing to pay that when I am saving so hard for our South East Asia travels. I thought the whole idea of a tattoo had died at the time, until the shop owner asked me how much I was willing to pay. I said I had 100 Euros to spare and he told me they could tattoo the same design around 13cm for that cost. DEAL.

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At home we would probably have paid a little less than that from my friend, but hell I wanted that tattoo so I agreed to it.

Getting started

I am not going to lie I was a little nervous this time around. My last tattoo cover up had been near the bend in the elbow and was a little painful. When the artist got started on this newest tattoo I could not believe the difference in how it felt. I was warned with my last tattoo that being close to a joint would make it more painful but I had never expected such a difference. I sat peacefully getting tattooed while my Mum watched Travis… it was actually rather peaceful.

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 The finished piece

I am really pleased with the finished piece. I love how dark it looks, it is striking and the lines are so crisp and perfect. It makes a huge change from some of the poor artwork I have had etched permanently into my body in the past.

tattoo spain price
The design

After a tattoo you are meant to avoid swimming and the sun. Kind of hard when you are abroad but I done my best. I got splashed a few times and I am sure the sun would have got to my tattoo, but it is still perfect. I think a lot of that goes down to how talented and able my artist was.

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Overall I would absolutely get another tattoo in Spain. Infact, I would actually be open to getting one in many places abroad after this wonderful and pleasant experience.

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Have you been tattooed abroad? How did it go?

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