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If you are considering hitting the road as a travel blogger you are probably considering what technology for travel bloggers is best to have before you go. We have a family travel blog and family travel show on Youtube, so need quite the set of equipment.

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We travel with two laptops. We are both working and freelancing and it is just much easier to have two. It might seem excessive but it works for us. David and I BOTHrecently upgraded to a HP Envy x360 with a 15.6 inch screen. This has been a blessing so far and the fact it doubles as a tablet is super useful. We can flip it and watch movies while it stands up either on the plane or anywhere we see fit. So far it has been awesome for editing video, watching and uploading to YouTube and for working my social media clients.

technology for travel bloggers


We have a lot of footage, pictures and so on for our travel blog. We need to back it up and often. We also like to keep a few movies handy for Travis for the times we have no access to internet. The best option we have found are external memories. We have two of these. One for movies and one for backing up all of our data.

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Our transcend external memory is made for travel and can be bounced around in a backpack without causing damage. Worth every single penny.


We also have a camera each. I know I know, we are greedy. We went with the GoPro because of the amazing footage that comes from them. We have both our cameras in one handy case with all of the extras we used for them.

technology for travel bloggers hp laptop

Camera storage

You need memory in the GoPro. Simple as that. We decided to go with the good old old Sandisk memory cards.


We travel with a kid. We need some source of entertainment for him for long flights and for the times we are working and are stuck with more limited entertainment options. We travel with an iPad air with games and movies for Travis for the times when there is just no other option. We keep it in a foldable case so he can prop it up to watch movies. It also protects it from scratching and dropping (to an extent.)

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We also both use an iPhone 6. We use this for reading and entertainment on planes and buses too. Both are in cases which are meant to protect them from dropping. We got them unblocked so we can pick up cheap sims while we travel and always have a local number and 3G connection to keep in touch.

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To charge the phones and the GoPros we use a special USB charging device which has a connection from each country/plug type. When you travel you can never guarantee where the sockets will be so its great to have an extra long charging cable so you can use your phone while it charges too. It is so easy to switch it up and use it anywhere we are. The laptops we connect and charge through plug adapters.

Bonus: Laptop backpack

Our laptop backpack is one of our best purchases. It is sectioned up to hold the laptop safely and in place without it shuffling around inside the backpack. There is passing inside to keep it safe. The straips are thick gel-like material which makes the backpack sit comfortable on the shoulders without weighing you down. It actually feels so light I keep thinking I forgot to pack the actual laptop. Bonus is the bag model we have is also waterproof saving us in rainy situations or when our little one spills.

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We also use a laptop sleeve to protect the laptops if we are transporting them in a smaller back.

What is your favourite piece of technology for travel bloggers?

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  • You made some solid recommendations regarding traveling with technology. A light laptop with enough storage space is a must because it can double as an entertainment center if you fly with a sucky airline! I also travel with a heavy-ish DSLR but I like the idea of the portability of a GoPro.

  • I think I need to invest in one of those laptop handbags now, especially with some countries beginning to restrict carrying them in hand luggage. Still not sold on the Go Pro; I know everyone raves about them, but not sure if I can justify the price. Is it really worth it? Good post, very useful for travellers.

  • I’m looking at laptops at the moment so I’ll check out the HP Envy x360. I’ve been thinking of a GoPro for a while now, I like the time lapse function they have and would love to experiment with it. I laptop bag is something I need to check out too as the bag I use now doesn’t offer much protection to my laptop.
    James recently posted…Jakarta to YogyakartaMy Profile

    • We are still learning all the features but we are in love with the GoPro! The bag has been the best investment so far.

  • I like the idea of getting a laptop backpack that can double as a storage for my external HD and extras. When I was in Germany, I had to carry my laptop in a side messenger bag and never took my hands off of it. I like that you think ahead and have a few movies on-hand. My friend served in the Peace Corps in Moldova and I suggested she load a few movies, just in case she got homesick, read all the books she had, or just wanted to curl up with something familiar. She opted not to…and then later called me to tell me how much she wished she had listened. It’s the little things!

  • What a nice post. There is a need for every travel blogger to have all of these techs. I will get the laptop bag. Seems its fanciful and helpful. I won’t rely on my usual travel-bag. Thanks!

  • Hi, I have bookmarked your article, it is such a treasure trove of information. Me and hubby are planning to get a proper charging device, but we completely forgot to consider the fact that the plugs must work in all the countries. Thank you so much for reminding. It’s good that you have separate cameras, we have one but we generally behave like kids and fight ‘give me the device I will click, no it’s my turn now’!! I am thinking of getting a GoPro too since we travel to wet rainy places a lot.

  • Haha – all this is so true. I love my gear as well! I love under ENTERTAINMENT you wrote “We have a kid.” I thought for sure your kid was your entertainment. 😉 Love the idea of the laptop backpack though!

  • Interesting post. Would you recommend the Go Pro to someone who doesn’t do much water sports? Would it be wasted on me if I just use it for hikes etc?

    • Not wasted at all, we do not do a lot of water sports, we mainly use it for filming hikes, days out and general travel

  • Ugh I get so overwhelmed with traveling with all the technology!! IDK how people deal with all of this. I actually got mine down to an Iphone/ video stabilizer-laptop and Polaroid for most of my trips because it was too much! The external storage is a must do for all the pictures and videos!

    • We are not a fan of carrying a lot too but when you have a child to consider it is worth the extra weight to ensure they will have something to amuse them

  • Great gear – lucky you! My stuff is old and needs upgraded yesterday! I’ll check out some of your recommendations as I’ve been putting off splashing out for a while now! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh all these ads make me so sad that we don’t get Amazon in Australia 🙁 So many things I want to buy but can’t. I have a HP Pavillion which is a few years old now. So tempted to upgrade to the newer model like you.

    • It’s great to document your travels to remind yourself of memories for when you are older or to show to family!

  • Traveling with technology is a must for anyone these days. It is such a useful post. Bags and laptops are long term investments and one should definitely do a bit of research before buying them. Glad you wrote on this topic. Your suggestions are pretty useful since I am thinking to buy one soon.

    • I totally agree, research is key because you want to find the perfect device for what it is you are wanting to use it for!

  • I travel with all these things too. I always find it funny that I travel with more electronics then clothes haha. The Universal adapter with extra USB slots is the best thing I’ve ever added to my backpack, charge everything at once! Fab post, thanks for sharing.

  • Love this! I’ve actually been looking for a better way to save/store pictures so I’m glad I found this! You’re one of the few I’ve seen working without a Mac 😉

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