Three words to describe a Thailand holiday

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It, for me, is just as important to remember feelings, smells and conversations when you travel. This is just as important as it is to have pictures from your travels. That is why I started a blog. I also wanted to share our experiences, in detail, with our family back home on a much more efficient basis… but that a whole another story. I decided to write down three words that reminded me of a Thailand holiday… and here they are.

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Thailand holiday culture

Thailand is absolutely packed with culture. Anyone going on a Thailand holiday is bound to experience the culture, no matter which part of Thailand they visit. Anyone who has been will know what I mean. Many think of Thailand as a wild country, full of parties and a place where the sex trade is rife. They would not be wrong, but this is only a small part of Thailand. Many people go to Thailand to enjoy the culture, the beautiful temples, the religion and the completely different way they do things. Everywhere you go in Thailand you are bound to find a temple nearby, there is always somewhere to take some time out if you need it.

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Thailand holiday
Sculptures at a hidden temple

Thailand holiday scenery

The scenery is second-to-none in my opinion. Of course I am still the explore so much of the world, but Thailand is by far the most beautiful so far. This does not just mean the beaches. There are gorgeous fields you can see for miles. Mountains higher than you ever dreamed of… did you know Chiang Mai rests in the bottom of the Himalayas?! The views in Chiang Rai actually gave me butterflies, I could not believe how lucky I was to be experiencing this myself. There are also spectacular rivers, viewpoints and art everywhere you go. Even a trip on the night train had me fascinated by the glorious views I was passing by.

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Thailand holiday
Views at Ruammit, Chiang Rai

Thailand holiday food

I am usually pretty closed minded when it comes to food. Before I went to Thailand I decided it was a time for me to grow as a person, try things I wouldn’t normally… which led to me jumping off a cliff in Chiang Mai. You can read about that here. I am pretty stuck in my ways but I knew I wanted to try new foods so I started out with the essentials… Pad Thai and Cashew Chicken! These were my main go-to meals in Thailand and probably will be when I go back in September. I even tried crab sticks, calamari and a whole assortment of Thai food I never pictured myself trying! These might not sound to exotic to some because I know they are widely available in the UK too, but I was so proud of myself!

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Thailand holiday
Ok, not food, but new drink!

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Thailand holiday
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A Thailand holiday broken down and explained why you should visit
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