Review: The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo

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Restaurant: The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo

Location: Calle La Galera, Corralejo

Date: December 19th, 2016


The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo was under a marquee type tent. It had been on our radar all week because we are Scottish and well, Aberdeen. The seating was under the marquee whose side flapped around a little. The seating was rather cramped and it was a little difficult to navigate in with a buggy.

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We were welcomed nicely and treated very well.


The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo is off the bottom of what we called the “main street.” It is on a paved area that leads down to the beach and sea areas.  It is in the town of Corralejo near the water so is right in the thick of things and easy to spot.


The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo had a nice menu. We were so excited to order and were shocked that it was the cheapest food we had seen yet.

It became clear why – it was terrible. Travis and I got a pizza which came with a barely cooked based. We were basically eating cheese on top of raw dough. Safe to say Travis could not stomach it and refused to eat any of it.

The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo
The pizza dough was uncooked


This place was quite busy. There were a lot of British holiday-makers in here trying to  get their fill of a little something from home – British food. A lot of people were here for the cheap drinks too which came in about 1 Euro per beer.

My favourite part

I am struggling to think of my favourite part since this place was such a let down. I’d have to say the best part was our friendly waitress.

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My least favourite part

My least favourite part has to be the food. It was so deflating to be so hungry and be given something inedible. Really disappointing.

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The Aberdeen Steakhouse Corralejo #food #travel
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  • I hate when a place gets an inflated reputation only to find out it isn’t actually any good. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving people an honest review. It’s just as important to know where not to go when travelling as it is to have tips for where to go.

  • Usually cheap food puts us on alert, your experience sounds terrible with uncooked dough. Thanks for sharing though, it can really help someone visiting Corralejo to avoid this place.

  • It is very nice of you for giving genuine thoughts about this place. Will alert my friends if they are opting forit. Uncooked dough with low quality food is really not acceptable

  • A doughy pizza base is enough to ruin anyone’s day!
    When I’m away I tend to avoid the restaurants which attract most of my fellow Brits, only because I know the price would probably be jacked up for what you get, and the food probably sub-standard. Although with that being said I totally get why you went there if it was called Aberdeen! If I ever came across a restaurant anywhere called Cardiff, I wouldn’t not be able to go in.

  • I hate it when that happens. Nowadays, many people expect a good pizza and when the dough is shit, that makes the entire experience so sad. I’m glad you gave us a real run down of the place so if we’re hungry we know where not to go!

  • Oh sadness, when you have to endure such a terrible meal when a place comes so highly recommended! Definitely a good thing to make it known and hopefully you’ve got these on review sites as well so people won’t fall into that trap.

  • Thanks for sharing….
    Looks like a place to avoid.
    Cheap food does attrcat me as a budget traveller but there is always a risk like this associated with it!

  • I’m glad to see such an honest review! It’s too bad that you had such high expectations going into it. I don’t understand why they would serve undercooked pizza though- doesn’t that violate any health codes?

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