The best deodorant for backpacking

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We have been planning our backpacking trips for some time now. We have found  that it is much easier to live out of a backpack when you are on the go than to carry around a bulky, hard-to-manoeuvre case. When you decide to live out of a backpack you are committing to travelling with a more compact wardrobe. Every little thing you decide to pack comes under scrutiny about its size, weight and usefulness. This is what led us to discovering what would be the best deodorant for backpacking.

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Our result was a winner by far for so many reasons.

The Aloe Ever-shield deodorant

best deodorant for backpacking
Aloe Ever-shield deodorant – click the image to check it out

We discovered this deodorant from Forever Living and fell in love with it immediately. There are so many reasons why this is the best deodorant for backpacking.

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Size and weight

This is a compact stick which weighs only 92.1 grams. It can easily fit into a small gap in a backpack or in a travel wash wag.

Kind to the skin

This deodorant is not a roll on and it is not a spray. It is therefore more friendly to the environment and the skin then almost every other deodorant on the market. Most antiperspirants actually block the pores in the arm pits which stops sweat from coming out. This has been linked to many harmful and serious conditions. We are just glad to be avoiding those.

best deodorant for backpacking
It is super kind to the skin

This is a stick of product which you can rub on to the skin without it blocking the pores. It changes the smell of the sweat so that you do not smell bad. The great thing is it smells different on men than it does to woman, so it is versatile enough to be used on either sex. The aloe in it is also soothing and helps reduce skin irritations.

Long life

This stick can last around six months or more depending how often you use it. It could potentially be a one time purchase for your entire trip! I have had mine for 8 months now and I use it every single day.


This only costs £6.31! How fantastic is that? Backpackers are always trying to save money so you cannot grumble at this. You can purchase this on our online store too, since we decided to represent the company. You can change your country in the top left where it says Great Britain. Check it out now!

Click here to find it on our online store

The best deodorant for backpacking anywhere #travel #backpacking
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The best deodorant for backpacking #travel #backpacking
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