The best hotel on Khao San Road

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If you have been keeping up with our blog you will know we love Bangkok, and we love Khao San road. We have spent a few nights here and stayed at different hotels on the street. We also got a day pass to another hotel which we will mention below too. This is our pick of the best hotel on Khao San Road.

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We will firstly explain each hotel and some good and bad parts about it before picking our top choice.

The Rikka Inn

We stayed at the Rikka Inn on our very first night in Bangkok. We were recommended it by a friend and we were not disappointed. It was very clean, well kept and bright and airy (I say airy but I mean it was hot, there was an air-con.) The room was nicely decorated and very safe. I think the move The Beach kind of misled me to think that rooms on Khao San Road would be dingy and have mesh parts in the walls so the neighbours could pop by whenever they want.

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The best hotel on Khao San Road
Khao San from the Rikka Inn rooftop

The Rikka Inn was nothing like that. It was really modern. Unfortunately most of our pictures of the hotel were lost due to a technology malfunction. You can read our full review of the Rikka Inn here.

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We loved the rooftop pool here. We managed to go up and in it at around 8PM which you just don’t get to do in Europe so that was great. We were kicked out the hotel early in the morning because we let our friend stay in our spare bed (which we had paid for.) They never told us we couldn’t do it and we would have asked them to leave if they had asked but instead they kicked us out super early in the morning.

pool at Rikka best hotel on khao san road
Rooftop pool at Rikka Inn

The Khaosan Palace Hotel

We spent out last two nights in Bangkok in The Khaosan Palace. We lost most of our pictures of this hotel too because the phone we used packed in when we returned. We loved the pool here, it was really social, lots of people used it to cool off and enjoy a beer during the long sunny days. The rooms were stunning. Really well decorated and gorgeous for what we paid. There was a fridge with refreshments and a safe too which was really handy.

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The rooms were clean, fresh and really comfortable. You can read our full review of the Khaosan Palace here.

D & D Inn

Our Canadian friends were staying at this hotel and managed to get us a free day pass to spend the day with them at the hotels rooftop pool. It was really great of the hotel to let us in like that. Their pool area was really nice and there were a few others around enjoying the sun too. Our friends told us the hotel were doing renovation work, which we noticed when we went it. It was a bit disturbing when they were in their room because of the noise so they spent most of the time out of their room.

I guess this probably is not a regular thing and hopefully the work is finished by now. Other than that I know D & D is really popular so it must be really nice inside. Is it best hotel on Khao San Road?

The best hotel on Khao San Road

Taking everything into account of our personal experiences between the hotels we would choose Khao San Palace Hotel. We loved it here and the extra services they offered us (like storing our bags after we checked out) really went above and beyond. We loved the pool area, the hotel location and the room decor was so impressive.

The best hotel on Khao San Road
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  • I’ve visited Thailand many times and love going to Khao San Road! We stayed at a pretty shady hotel (not sure if you could even call it that!) but it wasn’t the best experience! I’ve head lots of great things about the D&D Inn and love that it has a rooftop pool! I’ll have to check out the Rikka Inn next time, as being on Khao San is great for nightlife! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I loveeeee Khao San!! Hopefully we can meet there some time for a little tipple 🙂 For sure check out the other hotels. All three mentioned have rooftop pools, yay!

  • The Rikka Inn looks great, too bad they kicked you out. I would love to swim in that rooftop pool, sounds like that’s a normal thing there. Glad you found an alternative. I love that the Khao San Palace Hotel will store your luggage, that’s always helpful.

  • It’s completely understandable why you would choose that hotel as it seems to represent good value for money. It’s so hard to believe that you were physically kicked out of the first hotel when you paid for the extra bed. Not good at all. At least you went on to stay in a much better option.

    • Yes that’s true! We were sad to have to leave quite so early but we had a flight to Chiang Mai a few hours later anyway! You are right though it introduced us to somewhere much better

  • Hahaha, totally know what you mean about The Beach- that’s kinda the image I had before I visited. I don’t really enjoy staying in Khao San Road, but chilling around the pool with others does sound great in the heat. I’ll definitely consider Khao San Palace Hotel next time.

  • Sorry to hear about what happened in Rikka Inn! That’s not cool. Kho San Palace Hotel sounds like a great option, though. We’re planning a trip to Thailand, so thanks for your insight into hotels!

  • This is useful on where to stay in Khao San road! All the hotels sound good but I’d have to go with the Khao San Palace as you recommend. Shame about the pictures getting lost, you still provided a good one of the rooftop pool at the Rikka!

    • I know it’s really gutting! We are going to try and plug the old phone into the computer in the hopes maybe we can retrieve something from it! Thanks for coming by and I am glad it was useful

  • We are yet to make it to Thailand and it goes without saying that Khao San Road will definitely be high on list. Thanks for sharing your review of the hotels in Khao San Road it definitely gonna help us choose if we had to stay in this bustling area. Hotels issuing day passes to invite friends is something new to us but sounds like a great idea from D & D Inn.

    • Yeah it was really great of them. They made money from us buying beer so it was a win-win! I am glad the reviews were helpful and will help you make a choice in the future!

  • I’ve never been to Bangkok, but I hope I get to go there soon. Khao San Road sounds interesting and it looks like there’s a lot of cool hotels there. Shame you got kicked out of the Rikka inn! It sounds like a lovely hotel (with the exception of kicking you out lol)

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