The best hotels in Peebles

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Unless you know the Scottish Borders well you might be asking yourself ‘where is Peebles?’ The answer is that it is a small town in the Scottish Borders, which of course is in Scotland. Typically the weather in Peebles reflects the stereotypical weather you consider Scotland to have… rain, maybe one day of sun, snow and more rain. That does not stop many people from coming to beautiful Peebles and it is easy to get from Edinburgh to Peebles by bus too. Here are the best hotels in Peebles for your next visit.

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The hotels in Peebles

There are a wide range of hotels in Peebles including Hotel Hydro Peebles and Peebles bed and breakfast establishments such as The Neidpath Inn or The Park Hotel.

hotels in Peebles
Beautiful Peebles High Street

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Hydro Hotel Peebles

This is probably one of the most popular hotels in Peebles and it is not hard to see why. This beautiful hotel is in the heart of the Scottish Borders and is the top choice for accommodation in Peebles. The hotel is magnificent and glorious and even offers its own shop, gym, hairdressers and much more. You can even enjoy a lovely lunch or gathering here as we did for my Step-Sisters birthday last year. This means it is also one of the most enjoyable places to eat in Peebles and if you are wondering what to do in Peebles you should definitely walk up and explore the grounds from the Hydro Hotel and look down on the beautiful town form the wonderful hill it is perched on.

The Hydro Hotel is, as mentioned, on top of a hill so it is slightly out of the way a little. This is a great choice if you are looking to relax and enjoy spectacular views of the town. It would only take a maximum of ten minutes walking to reach Peebles High Street from the Hydro Hotel.

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The Park Hotel Peebles

The Park Hotel Peebles is actually linked to the Hydro Hotel Peebles. I knew staff of the Hydro Hotel who were given staff accommodation in buildings that were part of the Park Hotel, strange I know! You can tell when you visit their websites that they are linked as they are very similar in layout too. The Park Hotel is considered more of a guest house and offers a smaller more personal feel than the Hydro. It is based off the main street in Peebles and is much closer to all of the action in the town.

The Tontine Hotel

The Tontine Hotel is another great choice of accommodation in Peebles. It is a family run hotel which is plonked in the middle of Peebles High Street. If you want to be in the middle of the action and right on the doorstep of all the fun then this is a great choice too. The bonus here is the food is incredible!

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There are of course other choices including castles and AirBnbs, but these are the top hotels to check out for your stay in Peebles.

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