The best personal care gifts for travelers

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We have been travelling a lot more recently and as travellers who experiences Birthdays and Christmas at home we were given a lot of gifts that will have such a short life for use by us. We feel really bad but we are selling everything we own to go travelling. It made us think about what gifts would have been helpful for us as real useful gifts for travellers. We are focusing on personal care gifts because we know that everyone uses these.

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The Travel Kit

The travel kit inclues Aloe Bath Gelée, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse and Forever Bright Toothgel, all in convenient, airline-approved sizes for easy packing. I have found that my hair gets left in tatters when travelling and I long to get back to my luxurious Aloe infused shampoo and conditioner.

gifts for travelers
The Travel Kit

I have found it hard in the past to find travel sized bottles of products I like so this one is super useful. The toothgel is well known for whitening the teeth too so being able to keep that up while I travel is a blessing. My skin is so bad if I travel without products – I was left with a burnt faced after traveling hand luggage only to Ibiza and my skin was feeling off my nose for weeks after the trip. I wish I had taken some of my Aloe to soothe it.

Buy the travel kit

Ever-Shield deodorant

This deodorant is better for anyone, anywhere. Not just travelers. It is super handy for travelers because it has such a long life. I have had mine now for 10 months and it is still going strong. One of these can last an entire long trip.

gifts for travelers
The Aloe Ever-Shield deodorant

You can read more about why it is the best deodorant for travelers here.

Buy the Aloe Ever-shield Deodorant

Aloe Lips

The Aloe lips is one of my treasured discoveries. It can be used to protect the lips in any kind of weather. Not only that it helps to prevent cold sores. To top it off it can be used as a first aid stick to soothe small injuries and cuts.

gifts for travelers
The Aloe Lips

It is handy to keep in your handbag in any situation but especially for travel.

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Sun Lips

The Sun Lips is a variation of the Aloe Lips. Both protect the lips but Sun Lips adds UV protection. This is essential in hot temperatures.

gifts for travelers
Sun Lips

The Sun Lips has eucalyptus so gives the lips a little tingle when you use it. Our son loves it!

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Aloe First Spray

This multi-purpose formulated spray helps to soothe and protect the skin and hair from the damaging effects of sun exposure, chlorine and minor skin irritations. This product is also an effective after-sun moisturizing spray. It is so easy to apply being in a spray bottle which makes it easier to use on kids. The bottle lasts a really long time and we brought it to Fuerteventura with no issues.

gifts for travelers
Forever Aloe First

Buy the Aloe First spray

Aloe Gelly

This is an every day essential for Mums and Dads all over the world. We use it for almost everything you can imagine. In a travel setting this can help prevent bites, soothe cuts and bruises, be used for sore throats, to soothe teething, to soothe ulcers, as an after-sun, calms heat rash, as a hair treatment to restore moisture, to soothe shaved areas…you name it!

gifts for travelers
The Aloe Gelly

I was dreaming about my Aloe Gelly when I was burnt in Ibiza, I could not wait to get home to it!

Buy the Aloe Gelly

These are just our favourite personal care gifts for travellers. We have many, many more that we love but these are certainly the top few!


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The best personal care gifts for travelers


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