The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time

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We spent only four days on Koh Samui but our speculator exploring habits have shown us the best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time. I plan to cover this from two angles; walking and using transport. Find out here where exactly you should be visiting on Koh Samui.


Getting a motorbike or scooter on Koh Samui is the ideal way to see as much as you can in a short time. You can save money with this by putting two people on each bike, but its pretty cheap either way. The fuel is so cheap too. We filled the tank when we got it and it barely moved the stick by the time we handed it back days later.

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The ring road

For those of you have not been to Koh Samui, get excited. The island has a ring road that loops the whole island. You can literally follow the road right around to explore the whole island within a few hours. We spend a whole day exploring and visited some sights along the way including; waterfalls, The Zoo, The Butterfly Farm and more! Most of the sights are just a short ride off the ring road to find.

The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time
The ring road approaching Nathon Pier

The viewpoints

The ring road boasts a whole bunch of viewpoints with parking available around. You can see all of these during one loop of the island!

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The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time
One of the beautiful viewpoints


We are big, big fans of walking anywhere we go. It started in Reykjavik when we missed out on a lot of the sights so decided to make our own tour and find our own hidden gems. We continued the tradition everywhere we go, including Koh Samui. We were based at the bottom of Chaweng where it is a lot more quiet so we would walk for ages every day and night to get to know the area.

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The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time
One of our finds when walking about was The Islander bar

We have found our favourite bars and eateries by just walking about and coming across places!

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By far the best way to see a lot of Koh Samui is using the bike. Add in walking about in the evenings and you will really get into the think of things and know the island well before you leave.

The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time #kohsamui #travel
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The best way to see a lot of Koh Samui in a short time #thailand #travel
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  • From what you have said in this post, Ko Samui sounds small enough to get around quickly and see most things. The idea of a motorbike sounds really practical and obviously cost effective. Sounds like a great plan, especially if you have the flexibility to take things at your own pace, stop and take photos and appreciate the location.

  • I totally agree that motorbike is the best way to explore Koh Samui! Such an amazing island with great view points. I haven’t been in a while, so the ring road sounds great. Such a fun island, and would love to visit it again!

  • taking a motorbike around ring road sounds awesome. I actually lived in bangkok for 7 years and have never been to koh samui. I heard it can be touristy and kind of a huge party island. not sure if that would be something i would enjoy or not. definitely still looks like a beautiful place to be though

  • Koh Samaui looks like a small place which can be seen easily by motorbikes. I like those view points. Photography along the Ring Road is eye catching.

  • Getting a motorbike is one of the top ideas for sure to get around the island! We did that as well, was so fun to go around the island! Walking of course is great, but sometimes when things are too far appart from each other you just have no choice to get something faster!

  • Chaweng is a great place to be based when in Koh Samui, they’ve definitely got a great selection of eateries restaurants and bars! Quiet but such a great place to explore up to the center. Koh Samui is such a beautiful place and a wonderful way to spend the weekend if you’re coming out of Asia!

  • Getting a motorbike or scooter is definitely a good way to explore this place! I’ve never been to Koh Samui, but would love to go there. I want to do the ring road trip 🙂

  • I love walking around new places. You see SO much of a location, plus things you can’t from a car or bike. Though zooming around on a motorbike is great fun haha.

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