Review: The Blue Lagoon Iceland

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Location: The Blue Lagoon Iceland , Grindavik

Date: April 2016

Cost: Roughly £50 each


The Blue Lagoon Iceland is actually in the middle of no where in a place called Grindavik. It is located between Keflavik airport and Reykjavik city so we visited it on the way back to the airport on our last day. We took a bus with Reykjavik Excursions to The Blue Lagoon and then further on to the airport.

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The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The whole place was surrounded by dark lava giving it a really eerie and natural feel. The building which are part of The Blue Lagoon Iceland were very modern and we actually felt like we were entering a spa, it was so lovely.

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We were surprised to see how isolated the The Blue Lagoon Iceland was but it was beautiful to be in such a quiet and beautiful place with no noise of big building to ruin the views.

Changing rooms

The changing rooms were very clean and modern with plenty of space and lockers for everyone. They are actually really big. Men are separated from women which posed a problem for us when I took both of the towels… David ended up having to pay extra to get his own which got stolen the second he laid them down at the entrance to The Blue Lagoon.

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 My favourite part

I loved the whole experience here. We were given face masks which made our skin feel amazing. I loved that there was an outdoor bar so you could grab a drink without having to get out into the cold and go inside.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland
Floating around with a drink

My least favourite part

The free drink as part of our package was wine. It was disgusting. It must have been super cheap because it was really not nice at all. The queue to get the drink was huge too since there was only once place for all the hundreds of people who want a drink at any one time.

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The Blue Lagoon Iceland
The bar was always packed

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The Blue Lagoon Iceland
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  • I’ve seen so many pictures of the Blue Lagoon and wondered if it was worth it. 50 pounds/person seems like a lot, especially for bad wine ;). It is encouraging to hear that it is in natural surroundings. That always makes hot springs feel so much nicer.

    • I am so 50/50 on whether it was worth it. There is a natural hot spring elsewhere in Iceland that is meant to be just as good for free!

  • Iceland is high on my list just out of a sense of mystique and Nordic intrigue. However, hearing the Blue Lagoon suffers from overcrowded bars and towel robberies is somewhat of a downer! Hope you still enjoyed it!

  • Thank you for this review. I will be going to Iceland soon, so it is nice to know whether this is worth the trip just because it is so expensive. I’m still debating if I can afford that much, but it sounded great

  • Would love to visit Iceland and the blue lagoon too of course! It looks like a special place. I heard it’s always crowded though, didn’t you have this problem? I guess I would prefer a tea after bathing instead of wine.

    • It was quite crowded at the bar and face mask bar but in the water it was not a problem. The place is huge and big enough for everyone

  • I’ve visited a geothermal plant in the Philippines and have seen the same smoky blue geothermal water in their thermal pond. It looks very inviting for a plunge but unfortunately its composition isn’t safe for humans. That is why hearing about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland makes me want to try it. 🙂 I’m glad the place still remains quiet despite the free wine. 🙂
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  • I know the Blue Lagoon is something you’ve really gotta do whilst in Iceland, by man, the price tag is extortionate! I’d still pay it! But as a wine drinker, I’m not too excited by your description of the included drink!

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