The dangers of Ibiza that no one talks about

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Ibiza is well-known as a party island. So some of the dangers of Ibiza are really obvious: drunken injuries, falling in the pool, slipping, alcohol poisoning. The list goes on and on. But what if you are going there in low season? Maybe you don’t plan to party you just want to explore. Maybe you are like me and you are going there with a toddler. What are the dangers of Ibiza in this type of situation?

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It is good to make yourself aware of these before you go so you can be prepared for what might happen. We recently booked a cheap trip to Ibiza and wish we had been more aware of some of the dangers of Ibiza before we went.

Low season dangers of Ibiza

In the low season almost everywhere is closed. We found that in San Antonio around 90% of shops, bars, restaurants and attractions were closed. This meant that a lot of our trip was just free time with nothing to do. We usually spent this free time walking about and exploring the local area.

Check out some of San Antonio Bay below:

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Some of the parts of town that weren’t particularly the centre were really dead. Hotels were being build and refurbished for the upcoming summer season.

dangers of Ibiza
Empty pools and hotels are everywhere you look

This meant drilling, chipping at brick (openly and the chips flew at you.) There was dust coming off the building sites and blowing into our eyes. At one point I was walking past a building site which had green material around the scaffolding. Little did i know a huge metal pole was sticking out into the material and smashed right into my shoulder. It was extremely painful!

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Less security

Another of the dangers of Ibiza that we noticed in low season was that security was less on the ball. Every single night of our trip we were woken by insanely loud parties in the rooms next door. The security team did not seem to notice until other guests made a complaint, then they would finally deal with the problem.

dangers of Ibiza
There is much less security in low season

This was the same even in the hotel restaurant. People were served limitless amounts of alcohol until they ended up arguing with each other in front of other guests and children. It upset a lot of the kids and the security were no where to be seen at the time.

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Cold pools

In low season the pools in Europe don’t seem to be heated. Just be aware of this before you book somewhere because it can devastate a trip for a child. Travis almost jumped full into a freezing pool but luckily I was on the ball and had checked it seconds before stopping him taking a leap.

dangers of Ibiza
The cold pools forced us to choose the Sea instead

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The weather

The combination of cold pools and cold weather can really trick you. The cold can even help you end up with a little bug, but the cold winds on the island can also trick you into thinking you don’t need sun cream – you do. We all came home extremely burnt because of this.

dangers of Ibiza
Our nasty burns

The pictures don’t do the burns justice. We are RED.

There are many dangers of Ibiza but these were the ones we came across in low season. I am pretty sure if you are partying hard you will come across many, many more than we did!

Have you come across problems in Ibiza?

The dangers of Ibiza that no one talks about #familytravel
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dangers of Ibiza

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  • I love that you are exploring the world with your toddler! I’ve never been to Ibiza but it looks like it’s either crazy with partiers or completely dead in the low season. Scary about the construction hazards!

  • Wow…this is really disappointing to read as Ibiza is meant to be really good. Perhaps this is so only in the high season. However what you have described in the low season sounds more like it should be ‘closed season’. I know that low season you will often get discounted deals which encourage people to still travel and use the facilities, but if they do this, there should also have a duty of care to ensure you still get a reasonable experience.

    • It was a bit of a disappointment though we did make the most of it and had a great time, but we spent little time in the resort areas or in cafes or anything. We could only eat at the hotel and enjoy free entertainment like walking and the beach

  • If they cannot maintain in low season then they should not allow that area for tourists. It is good you saved your little one from freezing pool. 80% of the hotels are closed and under maintenance which is really not acceptable as you get no choice of restaurants to eat.

  • I have always associated Ibiza with summer like most people and being there during summer. I have wanted to go back though to explore during off peak without the crowds but to be honest after reading your post, I might have to rethink that. I can handle things not being open but everything
    only for short periods of time. I love to go of exploring and then coming back to relax with a glass of wine.

  • Wow, that’s something that you never hear about. Low season means that nothing is actually open for you to enjoy. The parties next door must have been really tough with a toddler! Ahhh! I am not against parties, but I used to run a hotel (and lived on-site) and I was hyper-vigilant for any signs of parties disrupting other guests. So many nights of sleep were lost by me trying to protect the paying guests from being annoyed by parties starting. Sound travels pretty easily in most hotels…

  • What an interesting twist to a trip to Ibiza, it looks a bit like a ghost town. I can totally imagine the cold pool problem, luckily the sea was close. Never been to Ibiza but high season seems a lot more appealing now.

  • I’ve only ever had friends visit Ibiza to ‘party’ so it was really interesting to read another perspective of Ibiza. It’s a shame that services seem to be so poor during low season, especially the security – you’d hope that would remain the same the whole year round. I hope you still enjoyed your holiday even with these faults.

  • Ibiza sure has a reputation for being nothing but a party central, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s dead during the low season. Didn’t think most restaurants and attractions would be closed, though! Doesn’t really leave you with much to do..Non-heated swimming pools during low season is indeed quite common in Europe.

  • Such a useful post. I didn’t know that everything is closed down during off season in Ibiza. Ibiza is so famous for partying so I was not surprised that you were waken up by the loud next door. I think I will only visit there in high season after those reasons listed above.

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