The dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel

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The next time you find yourself hungry in Innerleithen, you need to check out these dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel. The Tweedside Hotel, also known as The Middle Pub is one of my absolute favourite places to eat in Innerleithen. The menu is so creative and diverse and the owner Tina will always go out her way to make you something you like, even if that is not always on the menu.

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The place has a real family feel, and that shows in their cooking. It is like enjoying a home-cooked meal from your Mum. So delicious and fresh.

The steak ciabatta

If you like steak then you are going to love this steak ciabatta. Steak is great on its own, but in a soft and delicious bread sandwich? Winner. It is topped with fried onions to add a burst of flavour. The steak ciabatta has a side of fresh salad and homemade coleslaw.

dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel
The steak ciabatta

If you have tried coleslaw before from the store, then you need to try it home made. This is the best home made coleslaw I have ever tried.

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The toastie

The toastie is a British favourite. There is nothing like melted cheese between two warm piece of bread. The Tweedside Hotels toastie is delicious. You can pick from a number of winning combinations but I suggest including cheese.

dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel
The toastie

The bread is well toasted and nice and crispy, but not too hard. The cheese is melted to perfection and strings out into threads that wrap around you chin if you don’t catch them quickly enough! Just how I love it.

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Haggis nachos

So Tina has managed to put a Scottish twist on the Mexican favourite of nachos. Very fitting for a lovely hotel located in the heart of The Scottish Borders.

dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel
Haggis nachoes

You can order regular nachos is haggis isn’t your thing. Win-win.

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Haggis balls

Now I know you all have heard the rumours of where haggis comes from, so do not freak out with the name of this dish! It is not what you are thinking. These ‘balls’ are made from regular haggis and served with a dish of sweet chili. Another twist to make a dish truly Scottish.

dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel
Haggis balls

The Burger Challenge burger

If you haven’t heard of The Burger Challenge yet then read up! You are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to earn yourself a delicious free lunch and a place on The Tweedside Hotels wall of fame.

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places to eat in Innerleithen
The burger challenge burger

Don’t take this challenge lightly, however, this burger is a beast!

These are some of the cool dishes The Tweedside Hotel has to offer but you can read the full menu online. I wanted to explain these dishes because I love how Tina has made such a great combination of dishes which really show their Scottish flair. You can really enjoy more traditional meals here too though, some of the best food I have eaten here are their spicy chips and macaroni cheese.

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Have you eaten here yet? What are your favourite dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel?

The dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel
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