The dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel

dishes you need to try at The Tweedside Hotel

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  1. Always nice to get food recommendations, i’m a little hungry now though. There’s always room for a steak sandwich though, and this place looks like it does a goodn. Thanks!

  2. I’m not a huge meat eater, but those dishes look divine! And that burger challenge- literally speechless! That is UNREAL! It would literally take me days to eat that!

  3. Yummy the dishes look nice and that burger made me put on weight just looking at it haha. Thank you for the post review

  4. Yukti says:

    This place is good for meat eaters. Will recommend this to my friends who always look for Scottish food. haggis nachos looked tempting.

  5. Rahul Khurana says:

    The names of these dishes are so unique and cool. ALl the dishes looks so mouth watering but i would certainly try the nachos and that huge burger. 🙂

  6. travellingslacker says:

    Most of these stuff are too exotic for me. I wonder how does one eat the burger. And if one does eat it, how doesn’t he explode! he he…

  7. These are like comfort food. Yummy! Your post just made me hungry. Haha! I am craving for some toasties right now. The nachos look delightful and I like that it has some jalapeños. I also like that the fries on the burger are chunky. They are my kind of fries. You did not mention about the price but I am sure it was worth it.

  8. Only By Land says:

    I do love steak so the steak ciabatta would be the perfect dish for me! The toastie looks delicious too, although the burger is too big for me! I would describe the chips that come with the burger as proper pub chips, they must be piping hot inside!

  9. Bhusha says:

    Being a veggie, of all these options, I think only the toastie is for me! That burger definitely looks scary!!!

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