Review: The Hub Khaosan

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Restaurant: The Hub Khaosan

Location: Khao San Road, Bangkok

Date: May, 2016


The Hub Khaosan is literally one of my favourite places in all of the world. I met some of the coolest people here, started of my most epic journey here, took new friends here, partied here and began a whole life change here. The Hub Khaosan was the first place we went to after freshening up in our hotel (Rikka Inn) on Khao San Road.

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We ate here multiple times and tried all different kinds of food. The tables were always clean, the staff are amazing, and the food was delicious.


The Hub Khaosan is on Khao San Road, the most popular road in Bangkok, maybe even Asia for that matter. Everyone goes here to begin their travels and so this place is packed. It is super easy to find.
The Hub Khaosan
The Hub is on the famous Khao San Road


The menu was quite limited but the food that is on there is typical to Thailand and very, very delicious. I had orange chicken and it was so good I could have ate ten more plates of it. We tried Pad Thai here, loved it, and rice. We even had some more typical dishes and really liked them too. We brought friends on our last day who loved The Hub Khaosan also.

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The Hub Khaosan
My yummy orange chicken


The Hub Khaosan is also a bar. Actually it is probably mainly a bar. There are all your typical drinks here and you can even get bucket drinks. If you are British, be warned, the beers are HUGE.

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The Hub Khaosan
A bucket of vodka


You could literally meet anyone in this place. I had said many times that everyone comes to Khao San Road to start their travels and we can see why. It is busy and so much fun, there is so much to do here. We met groups of guys on lads holidays, long term travelers, girls in small pairs, couples, locals and more.

The Hub Khaosan
A group of blokes we met at The Hub

My favourite part

The people are by far the best part about The Hub Khaosan. We made lifelong friends at The Hub who we will never forget, actually we are going back to see them in September. We had a major night out (or three) with Lala from The Hub Khaosan who even gave us gifts on the day we left. He is adorable.

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My least favourite part

Some of the people who come here were just rude, no fault of The Hub Khaosan, just typical of people.

Have you been to The Hub Khaosan?

The Hub Khaosan is amazing for meeting people #thailand #bangkok
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The Hub Khaosan in Bangkok is the best place to make friends and enjoy food #thailand #bangkok
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