Review: The Islander Koh Samui

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Establishment: The Islander Koh Samui

Location: Chaweng, Koh Samui

Date: May, 2016


The Islander Koh Samui is a bar in the Chaweng area of the island. Chaweng is the islands equivalent of a European ‘strip.’ It is lined with bars, eateries, hotels and all sorts of good fun and games.

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The Islander Koh Samui
The cocktails made our tongues blue

We found there to be an upbeat and friendly atmosphere. We were welcomed right away by an English guy who made us feel very welcome. We sat at the bar to begin where we got talking with two other Brits. We moved to a table after this as the bar was super busy as the football was on. We started to drink a lot more at the table when the waitress told us about the cheap cocktails (I think about 80-100 baht each.) We spilled a drink here and they were so nice about it and helped clean it up.

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The Islander Koh Samui is located in Chaweng. I want to say its half way up but I am not too sure. We stayed at the bottom and this was a few minutes in a songkaew to arrive there. It was right in the thick of things and you could spend your whole night exploring this area as there is so much to do. There are lots of hotels in Chaweng so its a great location.


We found that this was the cheapest place yet to grab a drink. This is probably the first time I got pretty drunk outside of Bangkok. I enjoyed the atmosphere and liked having our own table too. The drinks were delicious and there was lots of choice on the menu. To top it off the drinks came with lots of shaved ice in – perfect in such a hot heat.

The Islander Koh Samui
Kamakazee cocktails


There were lots of tourists and travelers in here. We met quite a few British people but the whole place was packed and we only spoke with a few. A lot of football fans come here to see the games which were playing on the TVs.

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My favourite part

I loved the location and the drinks. It was a perfect mix for me.

The Islander Koh Samui
David at The Islander Koh Samui

My least favourite part

The tables were made of slats and some had become uneven, meaning our shaky hands and the wonky tables made for spilled (wasted) drinks. Boo!

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The Islander Koh Samui is a great bar to check out
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