The perfect shoes for travelling

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So what are the perfect travelling shoes and why? I am going to explain the perfect travelling shoes for men and women. There are many different factors to take into consideration when looking for travelling shoes. Some of these are the size, what material the shoes are made of, waterproof or not, and for me most importantly if the shoes are comfortable. Everyone is different in how they decide what the perfect shoe is for them so I will give as much information as I can about the Keen Clearwater CNX Sandals for men and women.

The Material

Keen Sandals for Men and Women

The Keen Clearwater CNX Sandals are made from a very soft but robust fabric. These shoes are great for day to day activity in a warm climate due to having the gaps throughout the shoes in order to allow your feet to breathe but are also robust enough to go on activities such as hiking. The sole of the shoe is made of a tough material to withstand the harder activities as well as having a rubber toe on the sandal to give your front part of your foot good protection.

How To Fit The Shoe

Elastic Tie for fitting Sandals

These shoes are the first I have had experience with that don’t have laces or velcro. Instead these shoes have an elastic tie to tighten or loosen the shoes to your feet. Its actually very clever and does get a good snug fit ensuring no excess rubbing resulting in blisters or sore feet. The elastic tie is very easy to use and in a way is exactly the same as laces in the sense of you can tighten or loosen all the way up the shoe, not just the top.

Can see the inside of the Shoe is shaped to your foot to avoid sore feet

Another great feature about how the shoes fit are that they are contoured on the inside to shape of your foot to make sure that there is no chance of sore feet or straining muscles in your legs from walking funny.

Why Are They Perfect For Travelling?

Very open to allow feet to breathe

So why are these two specific pairs perfect for travelling in my opinion? As you may or may not be aware we are set of on a year long travel to South East Asia and then back through Europe on the way home. South East Asia is very hot so allowing our feet to breathe while going about our business is crucial so we don’t end up with sore feet. I also love how love the elastic tie because its really simple and quick to use and don’t have to worry about laces coming out.

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These are the perfect travel shoes. Travel | family travel | travel gear | Keen | Fitness Footwear
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