The reasons we are desperate to be homeless

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Now I know a lot of people will be thinking that this post is over the top and maybe insensitive. But it is not meant to be, the truth is we are desperate to be homeless. For us this will signify so many things and we are going to explain them in this post.

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This is a feeling that washed over us when we returned from Thailand in May. We had caught that travel bug and we haven’t stopped exploring since. We are desperate to be homeless and get ready for our next big adventure.


One of the big reasons we are desperate to be homeless is that is means we won’t be shelling out as much money each month for our mortgage. Obviously this only makes sense if someone else is able to take on our house as their own and cover the costs.

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We will be able to put a huge chunk of money away each money into our travel fund when we move out of this place and relocate to a small room in my brothers house.


Becoming homeless would mean we have everything covered. We would be moving in the right direction and this would be a massive relief for us. All of our stuff would be well on the way to being sold, more money in the bank and less clutter (physically and emotionally.)

Moving in the right direction

Explaining more about moving in the right direction, we know this is the right move for us. We were desperate to buy this house when  I was pregnant. We wanted nothing more than a family home to settle down in and begin our lives. Funnily enough though it sucked the life out of us.
we are desperate to be homeless
The depression lifts while I am on the move
Post-partum depression rolled in and long days in this perfect house began to consume me. The more I began to travel the more I took control of my own life and destiny, the less it consumed me. A move to full-time travel is for sure the right direction for me, making me a better and happier person for my family.

Fulfilling commitments to myself

Becoming homeless and finally following my dreams would mean I have committed to make myself happy. I grew up believing I would never be the type to settle for something less than amazing. I wouldn’t stay in The Scottish Borders my whole life living in a small town world being completely unaware of the world around me. Sadly that was exactly the life I was falling into before we made this huge life decision.
I am happy to say I am committing to making myself happy.
The reasons we are desperate to be homeless
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