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When travelling in Thailand back in May, (May 2016), there was soo many amazing experiences and things to do in Thailand. One of my favourite places was Koh Samui, read about it here. However I am going to share, in my opinion, the 5 coolest things to do in Thailand!

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Khao San Road

Khao San Road was the first location of many on this trip and boy was it an experience! This street was like no other, market by day and party strip by night! One bar that stood out was The Hub. This is where we got food before getting on the drink! The staff were super friendly to the point we even took the waiter out after his shift for the night! To this day we still keep in contact! Phy, ( the waiter), took us round Khao San Road showing us the best places to have a good time and also managed to get Jock to eat a scorpion, which was insane!

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things to do in thailand khao san road
The famous Khao San Road

Khao San Road is a must for everyone going to Thailand to party, excluding the full moon party, this is the best party you will find throughout Thailand.

things to do in thailand
At a bar on Khao San Road

Chiang Mai

After Koa San Road we flew north to a city called Chiang Mai! This city is absolutely beautiful. There is soo much to see, soo many attractions from temples to zoo’s! We stayed in a beautiful Holiday Inn which was a 4* for £20 a night! The hotel beautiful. The view from our room looked over the city and the pool also had an astonishing view aswell as a poolside bar, which is always useful. Our first morning in Chiang Mai we spent in the ‘Old City’. This place is highly recommended to visit if you are in Chiang Mai. Walled off by old style bricked walls that must have been at least 15/20ft tall and also full of temples! This is also where I saw my first real life monk! which was also pretty cool.

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things to do in thailand
Looking out over Chiang Mai

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Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai

After we spent the morning in the Old City, we headed back to the hotel to quickly freshen up and then set on our travels for the Grand Canyon! This was about a 40 minute drive in a Tuk Tuk. Now if you know what a Tuk Tuk is, you will know that 40 minutes is quite a long time in a Tuk Tuk but if you don’t know what Tuk Tuk is, you will soon become familiar with them if you go to Thailand. So we arrived at the Grand Canyon and it was only 50 Baht to get in, roughly £1 GBP. Now this place looked like an old mine of some sort in which you can go down to the water and swim to cool off or relax in the sun or if and when you pick up the courage, jump of a 25/30ft cliff into the water! I done this twice however it took me a good hour to pick up the courage to do so!

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things to do in thailand
Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

Scuba Diving, Koh Phangan

So after a bit of sight seeing up north, it was time to go and have some fun and let loose. Firstly, travelling down to the islands and then scuba diving on Koh Phangan with PIDS. This diving school delivered a fantastic open water diving course and everyone involved with the course, were really awesome people. The course lasted 4 days. First day is all theory work, second day doing skills and familiarising ourselves with the diving equipment. The third and fourth day were dives! Day 3 was a beach dive and day 4 was a dive at a dive site called Sail Rock! This dive sight was absolutely mind blowing! The water crystal clear and the wildlife in massive numbers! You can even see the majestic whale shark at this location if your lucky enough, we weren’t unfortunately but still had a fantastic and the best dive of the 4 at this sight! To find out about snorkelling on Phuket click here.

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things to do in thailand
Diving at Sail Rock

Half Moon Festival

Now after all our diving and not being allowed to drink, due to diving restrictions, it was time to party. And where better to do it than the Half Moon Festival. This festival was like nothing I had ever seen before. So many different DJ’s playing at the many different locations in this event. When we first arrived at around 10PM, we were told it was early and not many people would be here, however upon entering, there was at least 500/600 people here and that was “still early”. Around 2am came and the place was packed with thousands of people, covered in body paint, and was jumping!! It was around 3am and it was time for a quick bus journey back to the hotel for a much needed sleep! If you are on this island around the time of the Full Moon Festival or Half moon Festival, it is a must attend! This was definitely a night to remember from the whole trip. The Full Moon Festival will be next.

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things to do in thailand half moon
Half Moon Party


things to do in thailand
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