What to have in a toddlers changing bag for flying

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If you are taking a trip with a child and are planning to take them on a plane, you should really consider planning their bag really well. We did NOT do this for our first flight and it was a bit of a nightmare. We did not know what we should have in our toddlers changing bag for flying and the flight became exhausting and stressful when he became really bored.

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We kind of learnt the hard way and have really nailed what to take in our toddlers changing bag for flying. We are taking a short haul flight this time, but will be prepared for any eventuality.

The bag

You need a good sized changing bag. If you have looked into changing bags before you likely have a really good one anyway. Mine is the BabyMel Amanda Quilted (Moss). I have it in black and I swear by it.

It is really spacious, has lots of handy compartments (such as a bottle cosy) and is machine washable. What more can a girl ask for? I was going to move from baby changing bag back to handbag but this thing is stylish enough with a great layout so why bother?

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A changing mat

Part of the appeal with my changing bag was that it came with a fold-able changing mat. It fits nicely into the pockets of the bag too. If your changing bag doesn’t come with one of these then you need to find a portable one. Airports, planes and foreign countries can often throw up situations where you are forced to change your little one on dirty floors or outdoors. Always have a mat to keep them safe from germs.

toddlers changing bag for flying
Portable changing mat

Spare clothes

If your kid is anything like mine they are going to need some extra outfits in their toddlers changing bag for flying. My son likes to drink water from a bottle and this results in lots of spills. Add that with the dryness of a plane and you can imagine he is drinking a lot of water really often. Spills tend to happy more regularly than in a normal day.

toddlers changing bag for flying
Two outfit changes

We learnt some awesome packing hacks for kids and baby clothes which we have created a short video on.

Basically we pack the clothes in such a way that they are really compact and easy to find in a big bag. To make clothes easier to find use packing cubes, or small bags to keep the clothes in. This way you can easily grab the outfits without hunting through the whole bag. We have the G4Free Packing Cubes Value Set for Travel – 6pcs (C-Purple) from Amazon and use them to divide up the items in our luggage so we do not have to rummage around to find things.

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toddlers changing bag for flying
Use packing cubes or bags to keep items together and easy to find

I also take a pair of lighter shoes incase its really hot when we land. No one likes sweaty feet.

toddlers changing bag for flying
Travis’ flip flops

Waterproof bag

On the above note, if your child is a spiller then you need a waterproof bag. Our favourite is the Bumkins Wet and Dry Bag, Owls – Blue. This bag has two sections so you can even keep your dry outfits in the same bag. We have tested this with the likes of soaking swimming kit and its kept everything else in our bag dry. Highly recommend!

toddlers changing bag for flying
Waterproof bag for wet items


We learnt the hard way in Fuerteventura. The TV remote was only available if you paid a deposit, and all of the channels were in Spanish. Travis was super bored when we had to work or in the evenings. We are prepared this time with a Netflix-enabled iPad with a movie downloaded on to it incase the WiFi is poor and for use on the plane.

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toddlers changing bag for flying
iPad and headphone all set with a movie

We also got Travis his own set of Wired Volume Limiting Kids Headphones (Blue)so he can listen in peace and we can leave the rest of the passengers in peace. The fold down easily so are very portable.


The food on budget airlines can be terrible aswell as super expensive. We ended up spending a bunch of our budget just on the flight on our last trip. This time we have brought Travis some crisps so we can make sure we have something he will enjoy. This way you can access the food quickly too, flight attendants don’t really care when your kids starving so having something you can give them in a hurry really helps.

toddlers changing bag for flying
Snacks for the plane

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are essential toddler items in almost any situation. A plane is no different. Wipes help you clean your baby in a confined space, and you can even use them to wash your own hands (or armpits?) in sweaty and sticky situations.

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What to have in a toddlers changing bag for flying
Baby wipes

Toddler harness

We have a cool backpack for Travis that has a leash (can we call it that?!) on it. Its super handy while he has it on but a proper children’s harness is much better. You can stop them from falling and it stops them being able to run too far off. Our favourite ones are the Lindam Harness and Reins

Do you have any tips for packing for a flight with a child? What is in your toddlers changing bag for flying?

What to have in a toddlers changing bag for flying #travel
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The essentials for your toddlers changing bag for flying #familytravel
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