Top 5 free things to do in Corralejo

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There are lots of free things to do wherever you go. It is good to know where to start and what to try, which is why we complied a list of our top five free things to do in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

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There are lots of great things to see around town in Corralejo. We spent hours upon hours of our time there walking around and discovering what the town had to offer. You can find fantastic art, statues and even sand sculptures around the town, all of which are free to visit. There are also performers around, including mimes and jugglers.

free things to do in corralejo

You can walk the beautiful streets and even walk out to the sand dunes on the edge of town if you wanted!

2.  Take in the views of Lobos island from one of the many beaches

You can walk around the coat of the city and get every which way views of Lobos island. If you want to pay you can take a tour here too. We found a deserted beach where we had perfect views of the island with nothing obstructing the view!

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3. Go to the playpark

You can visit the park near the bus station at the edge of town at any time of day or night. We visited in the evening and it was deserted – Travis had it all to himself!

4. Go the the beach

There are a lot of really nice beaches in Corralejo. Just walking around for a few hours you will discover lots, from busy beaches in the town, to rocky beaches, lava beaches and coral beaches. Choose whichever you prefer and relax! The busy beach in town has lots of sand artists creating masterpieces for you to admire.

free things to do in corralejo
One of our walks in Fuerteventura
free things to do in corralejo
Sand dragon with real flames for eyes

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free things to do in corralejo
Sand village

5. Pose in the giant statues arms

There is a giant woman statue at the Campanario shopping centre. You can sit in her arms, or lie if you prefer, and get your picture taken! Travis loved it and didn’t want to leave!

free things to do in corralejo
Travis being cradled by the statue

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free things to do in corralejo
All of us with the statue

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Totally free things to do in Corralejo in Fuerteventura #travel #familytravel
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Free things to do in Corralejo any time of year #travel #familytravel
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  • It’s funny how walking can be such a pleasant experience in traveling. Not only is it free (which is always good in my book,) it gives you a true perspective of a place. The slower pace and intimacy brings out details you miss riding around in a car. We have found little hidden gems, from restaurants to stores and bars by walking that we would have never found otherwise.

  • The best part is that the attractions are free to view. I really love the sand sculptures. It brings out the child in me. 🙂

  • I love how you stress walking! I agree that one of the best ways to see new places is on foot. You can take your time and see things from multiple angles…much more so than if you were in a vehicle. And I loved your video! That statue of the lady looks like a great place for a picture!

  • So often people who visit a place just book tours and run from one place to the next without actually taking in the enjoyment of experiencing the culture and natural beauty of the location. They bring back lots of photos but haven’t actually experienced it! By doing simple things as you suggest here which are free to anyone, you can really gain a much greater appreciation and enjoyment of a destination. Love the photos used in the post as well as the video. Looks like you really lived your time there.

  • Love the sand sculpture as well the colorful statues! And walking around is always the best option in my opinion to discover a new place!

  • That sounds like such a relaxing vacation for you and your family! It’s always nice to have a beach nearby- especially with little ones! Sand castles are always the best way to spend vacations! (Or sand-lizards with flaming eyes, if you’re talented :P)

  • Going for walks and to the beach must be the best free things to do anywhere in the world hihi! Corralejo sounds and looks great! Can’t wait to check it out when around!

  • This is perfect for a family trip. I would love to visit the sand beaches too and watch the sand astists with their creations. I would like to visit the lava beach as well, I’ve never been to one, I’m curious. Your baby is soooo adorable too! Thank you for sharing!

  • I enjoyed watching your video. Travis look happy and had a good time. I like that the beach did not have a lot of tourists. I like the sand dragon and been wondering what did they put on its eyes.

  • Corralejo looks perfect for traveling with kids. I would love to go walking here with my daughter, she would love it! The picture you took of Travis in the arm of the statue is so precious.

    • I was scary making him stand there alone and still long enough to get it haha! But totally adorable. Your daughter would love it here

  • Fuerteventura is not as featured as much on travel blogs. But this for me is the perfect reason to go! I love being able to explore the sights without too much tourists there so you can really soak it in. A walking tour would be perfect. It looks like the perfect place to explore by just walking around.

    • You can see so much that way. I would say hire a car and drive the island. There are some beautiful mountains and walkways inland that we didn’t manage to see.

  • I think that it is important to walk around and explore destinations yourself as you often get the chance to experience the real destinations. Those sand arts looked amazing. Looks like a lovely family vacation. Great post.

  • I love to walk when I travel to a new place as we get to explore the city more. And beaches are definitely a yes if in bay area . I love the art work on beaches

  • I love long walking and as you said that here walking is preferred so I am happy. Sand art is so beautiful and i would love to try some. I love those splendid beaches of Colarrejo.

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