My top experiences in Kenya not to miss

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Travelling and seeing the world is something I have a deep passion for. Especially seeing different cultures. I find different cultures extremely fascinating. So having been to quite a few places in the world I have managed to have some amazing experiences. This article is all about my top experiences in Kenya.

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Working on a community project

So to kick it off, my first top experience in Kenya was volunteering to do a community project. These community projects are to help the locals in many different ways. Mine was to help install a gutter system to a water tank. The best thing about doing this project was seeing how appreciated the hard work was from the school kids and from the teachers. It really was something quite special. I am going to write a whole other post on the community project.

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My top experiences in Kenya not to miss
The kids on the project were great fun

Seeing wildlife

Now this blew me away. This was one of the main attractions for me to Kenya. To see beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat just as I did last time in Kenya too (I was in Kenya in 2015.) Some of the animals saw were, Giraffes, Zebra, Gazelle but the most impressive were Elephants, Hyena’s and Lions. I was driving along a road one night and from nowhere a huge elephant ran out and then a wee baby elephant shortly afterwards.

My top experiences in Kenya not to miss
Mixing in with the wildlife

This was a one in a lifetime experience to witness this in the wild and to be less than 10 meters from the animals. Seeing a lion very briefly was also pretty cool but it was about 100 meters away and difficult to see.

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Interacting with locals

Lastly on my top experiences is interacting with locals. Interacting with the locals was difficult at times however some could speak very good English. As you walker down the street past the carving couriers, every one of them wanted to sell you something and make money of you. However there was this one shop ran by a Kenyan lady called Lili. Lili had 2 degrees and ran her own business.

My top experiences in Kenya not to miss
Interacting with the locals

A very successful women. I enjoyed going to Lili’s shop at you weren’t harassed to buy something but could get a very good conversation with her and a bottle of Fanta for 50 Kenyan shillings which is very very cheap here in Scotland. So although this maybe isn’t a good experience as such, I would definitely go down and see the couriers because the carving they hand make are very impressive! I have now bought four carvings as I cant stop myself from buying these amazing carvings.

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The top experiences in Kenya not to miss #kenya
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