My top three products to always have in your travel bag

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So why aloe products? Aloe Vera is essential for going on holiday, especially somewhere hot. Its really difficult to pick only three products as the range of forever livings Aloe Vera products is fantastic. However the top three aloe products to have in your travel bag are the Forever travel kit. Secondly the Forever Ever-shield deodorant stick and lastly the Forever sun lips.

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Forever Travel Kit

Why the Forever travel kit? This product is essential because it is a travel kit first and fore most so it has every thing you need. This kit includes mini versions of the Aloe Bath Gelée, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo, Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse and Forever Bright Toothgel. All of these products are fantastic and you will use them all. Also making this product easy to travel with the is the small tubes of products within the travel kit itself, so you wont use much room up in your suitcase.

My top three products to always have in your travel bag

Forever Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick

Secondly, the Forever Ever-shield deodorant stick. This is the best deodorant stick I have ever used. Now I bought mine eight months ago, using it everyday since and it is still no where near finished. So as you can see the deodorant stick lasts a very long time. The deodorant stick is also unisex however smells different when used on both genders, awesome huh? Another reason why this product is so amazing is because it contains no aluminium salts like other normal antiperspirants. Aluminium salts are very bad for you.

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My top three products to always have in your travel bag

Forever Sun Lips

Last but by anyway no means late is the Forever Sun Lips. This lip balm is a must when travelling to a hot country. The Sun Lips will take care of your lips by applying SPF 30 protection that protects your lips from UVA and UVB rays. Forever sun lips can also protect your lips in the ski season or if you enjoy a holiday to a colder country.

My top three products to always have in your travel bag

This is my top three aloe products to have in your travel bag. Furthermore all three of these products together effectively make up a great toiletry bag and I highly recommend them all.

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What you can simply not travel without and make sure you always have in your travel bag?

My top three products to always have in your travel bag #travel
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Things you should always have in your travel bag #travel #packing
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These are things you should always have in your travel bag #travel
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  • I’ve never heard of these products?! I’ll be sure to give them a go though. The deodorant sounds perfect for me – I have really sensitve skin so struggle to find a stick I can get on with – thanks!!

    • No problem. So good for sensitive skin actually. I am not sure how much you know about aloe vera but it is the bomb for any sensitive skin, for anything actually!

  • The lip balm is definitely a must-have! I can’t believe how many times my lips feel chapped or sunburned while I’m traveling. We always end up buying lots of aloe vera products on our trips at inflated prices. Much better to buy at home and pack over!

    • So true. This is the only company in the world who stabilise their aloe Vera meaning it is also and way more effective when used 😊

    • Oh it is awesome. I just applied it a few minutes ago even though I am in Scotland and its night time! Its just so refreshing and moisturizing!

  • These sound like great product, that deodorant is pretty cool, how it chances smell based on body chemistry. I burn easily so I would need the sun lips on my purse.

  • Some very good ideas, especially from someone who now knows the hard way about lip balm. It can easily be overlooked until the next morning after hiking and you are in discomfort for the next several days while on vacation.

  • Just skimming through these products and while most of these products are probably more designed for women, the Forever Travel Kit might really come in hand. Certainly, it has everything you could ever really need for hygiene on the go. Perhaps I can convince my girlfriend to buy it so as I can borrow a little!

  • That’s a good list. I too carry these travel sized packs. I’ve used this brand called Biotique which comes in a similar tiny bottles. A lipguard with SPF is so necessary and so is a good 24hrs deo.

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