My top tips to beat the Thailand sun

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The sun will shine everywhere and we need to protect ourselves from it when it gets a little too hot. This is especially true in Thailand. I visited this beautiful country in May 2016 and what a trip that was. Many sights to see, so many different people to meet and you could get a great tan, of course being sensible about sun exposure. It was very hot in Thailand when i visited so we had to make sure we were very sun savvy, so here’s my tips to beat the Thailand sun.

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Thailand sun
Out on the boat near Koh Phangan

My tips

So all of these tips are completely common sense but so many people think they know their bodies and ignore them but end up falling ill due to heat.

  1. Drink plenty of water, 5-6 litres a day minimum.
  2. Keep applying suncream.
  3. Don’t be in the sun constant, find shade and allow your body to cool down.
  4. Keep your after sun in the fridge.


As you can see tip number one is very self-explanatory however a lot of people out there replace water with juice or alcohol. Don’t do it, sure have fun and drink whatever you want but also drink water in between. Becoming dehydrated can cause loads of problems when travelling.

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Sun cream

Number two, applying sun cream. It speaks for itself but people also think they don’t have to keep reapplying it. You do. Now everyone wants a tan and I get that but you can still get a tan and stay safe from the sun.

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Find shade now and then

Don’t be in the sun constant. Number three. If you are constantly in the sun your bodies core temperature can raise pretty quickly and will find it difficult to cool down if you don’t find shade and let your body cool down. By all means sunbathe and be in the sun but find shelter and get a break from it for a while too.

Fridge that sun cream!

Lastly this is a fantastic tip. Keep your after sun in the fridge, so when you go to use it, its super cold on your sunburn and gets to work even quicker to soothe it. Talking with experience it helps a lot and cools the sunburn down extremely quickly. The after sun i used is the Aloe Gelly. This is probably the best after sun I have ever used and I highly recommend it.

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Thanks for reading. Have fun if your going to Thailand (if you are you should check out these movies we watch to get hyped up about Thailand) as its such a beautiful and amazing place. Remember to be safe in the sun!

Thailand sun
Thailand is very hot even when the sun is low


How to avoid the worst of the Thailand sun #thailand #travel
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The Thailand sun is very hot, here is how to beat it #thailand #travel
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