My top tips to prevent a sunburnt head

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If you have been anywhere that has some kind of heat in the summer you will know that you need to protect your scalp from the sun. We have had a few experiences of burnt scalps, once in Portugal and most recently in Ibiza. This is how I have learnt how best to prevent a sunburnt head.

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Both of these trips both kids and adults burnt their scalps for different reasons. Here is how to avoid making the same mistakes we did.

Do not get braids

My sister seriously burnt her scalp in Portugal after getting corn row braids put in. The tight braids exposed parts of the scalp in lines to the hot sun. The sun got to work quickly and burnt lines into her head causing extreme pain for a young girl.

hair braids in Portugal
Avoid braids

Avoid getting these braids for yourself or your kids if you are going to be exposed to hot sun throughout the day.

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Wear a hat

One of the big problems is people just don’t like hats. If you kid is anything like mine they will remove a hat unless you can distract them long enough to forget it is on their head.

prevent a sunburnt head
We managed to distract Travis into wearing a hat

Travis and his hatred for hats caused him to get a rather tender parting at the back of his head burnt on our last day in Ibiza when the sun was particularly strong.

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Put sun cream on

If you or you kids hate hats you are going to have to give up the nice neat hair and go with a messy sun-creamed look. It isn’t particularly flattering but it does help.

prevent a sunburnt head
Use sun cream

We did this trick in Fuerteventura to stop Travis getting bad burns on his head.

Dry yourself after swimming

If you spend a lot of time in the water then consider a swimming hat. When you get out of the water try to dry your hair if you can, because water reflects the light causing it to work even harder on those wet areas.

prevent a sunburnt head
Dry off after leaving the water

Do you have any tips on how to prevent sunburn on the head? Cosmopolitan have some great tips too.

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My top tips to prevent a sunburnt head #travel #sunsafety
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Find out the best ways to prevent a sunburnt head #travel
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Prevent a sunburnt head with these simple tips #travel #sun
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