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Not only do we have a kids world travel guide we run travel blogger courses to help you start your own travel blog, grow your blog and get travel sponsorships just like we do. What are you waiting for?

Do you want to travel for free?

Travel For Free: The Complete Formula For Landing Brand Partnerships is one of the first travel blogger courses to be offered by us here at Meldrums On The Move! We are super excited to share this course with you.

Check it out here >>>  Travel Sponsorship Course

travel blogger courses

We have been looking for the best and simplest way to share what we learnt about landing travel blog sponsorship and reviewing our way around South East Asia, and this is it.

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Click here to check it out and take the first module for FREE >>> Travel Sponsorship Course

We have put together one course that takes you from getting your website ready to share with brands, crafting the perfect email to brands who are looking for bloggers to work with to how to lay out your blog post reviews and how to share them for the most exposure.

The course details exactly how we built up a comprehensive review section and began to land sponsorship deals with 5 star hotels within just a few weeks to implementing this easy-to-follow formula.

travel blogger courses

We have a 9 month trip planned around South East Asia and have already landed hotels in Qatar, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong , Boracay and even more places. Not only that we have free food, transfers, tours and more included because of how we presented ourselves. Each of these places is providing sponsorship not only for one… but THREE people. That is right, we are traveling the world as a family for virtually nothing.

Check it out here >>> Travel Sponsorship Course

The best part is these steps are super simple and easy to follow. If we can do it, you can too.

This course is valued at over $200, but we are selling it for only $25

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

travel blogger courses

travel blogger courses

travel blogger courses

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