Travel films for kids to get them excited about vacations

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So if you have no doubt lost your mind like me you might be thinking of travelling with your kid. In an attempt to try and get my son excited about travel I decided to try to get him to start watching some kids travel films. Travel movies are something I really enjoy myself so that is where the idea came from!

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Up is a Disney Pixar movie which focuses on Carl, and older guy whose wife has passed away. He is lovely and still dreaming of taking trips he dreamt of when his wife was still alive. Carl is a balloon salesman so has the terrific idea of typing lots of balloons to his house and floating his way down to the South American wilderness (I wish I could do this!!)

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Carl manages to take off but all his dreams are crushed when he realises a young boy has hitched a lift in his floating home! The movie follows their adventures and shows their friendship develop over time.

Finding Nemo

This movie focuses on Nemo’s Dad, Marlin’s attempt to find his missing son. Nemo has managed to swim off and get lost after his Dad embarrassed him on a school trip. Dory, a very forgetful fish, soon becomes Nemos partner in crime and this movie follows them as they try to find his way home. On the other hand the movie also shows Marlins attempt to find his son again.

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This movie follows the travels of a bunch of Zoo animals who are being shipped back to their native land. Of course the animals end up in an accident and are left to fend for themselves on the island of Madagascar. Since they have been zoo animals all of tier lives these animals are lost and completely confused by what to do as they have always been cared for by humans in the past!

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Do you have any suggestions for kids travel films? Let me know!

Travel films to help your kids get excited about travel!
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