Travel for spd relief

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I was diagnosed with severe spd during pregnancy. What that means is I basically had severe pelvic and pubic bone pain making walking, sitting, peeing and living really painful. I was in tears every day and longed for the day I gave birth and it would all go away. Spd pain relief is limited to painkillers and limited physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments when you are pregnant, and only after giving birth will you get the rare offer of treatment or an x-ray if you happen to still be in pain (very rare.)

Spd postpartum

After having Travis I was in no less pain than before. I was stuck in a pool and told to workout with a pool noodle and to drop some weight and that it would all disappear soon. Just from walking across the room the physiotherapist could tell I was hyper-mobile which became my new diagnosis for a while.

spd relief
My beautiful son is here now

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I work from home on a laptop and would be in serve spd pain all of the time. When I began to take up my love for travel I noticed a reduction in my pain.

Travel for spd relief

Travel became my new addition. When I travel I am on a high and I ignore more of the pain because I am so truly happy at that time. Do not get my wrong, it comes with its aches and pains too… Like when I biked around Koh Samui for 6 hours, I was in severe spd pain that day. The thing is though, travel comes with so many perks that are too costly in the UK.


Regular access to pools has really reduced the amount of time I spend in pain. I take to sitting in the water to reduce the pressure on my sore parts and it works wonders. Swimming for spd is one of the first things you are suggested to try and I really recommend getting in as much pool time as possible.

spd relief

The heat

The colder it is the more pain I am in. I am not sure if there is some fancy medical reason for this but I put it down to tensing more and hunching when I am cold causing pressure and pain everywhere else.

Cheap heat gels

This one is specific to Asia. You can get yourself some great pain relief gels pretty cheap that otherwise cost too much in the UK.

Regular massages

In Thailand specifically it is super cheap to get a massage. The massage therapist there really know what they are doing too so the massages are much more effective there, the equivalent to getting a proper sports massage in the UK.

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More time for you

When you travel you are usually putting more time aside for yourself. The way I see this is I am not going to be changing my beds or hulking around huge shopping bags because I am living out of hotels so someone else is doing that for me. The biggest relief is avoiding those horrible tasks that put my pelvic pain on high mode.

spd relief
Take more time for you

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Spd after pregnancy has in some ways been more exhausting and painful than during pregnancy. There is a whole new human life to consider and someone new to carry around. If it was not for the sanity that travel gave me, and the satisfaction of earning money online rather in a physical job then I would live my life as a victim of spd. Travel is my spd relief, my savour.

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Of course I take some products to make travel more enjoyable and manageable and you can check those out below!

Why I use travel for spd relief
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Travel for spd relief the only medicine

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