The guilty pleasures we travel with (and some we wish we did)

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I am sure everyone travels with some travel guilty pleasures they would rather not talk about. We are here to open up that honesty box and let you know what we travel with that we are a little embarrassed about… and some things we will pick up before our next big trip. Let us begin…

Guilty pleasures we already travel with

Forks and bowls

Yup. We travel with small food pots and forks. Don’t get me wrong, we did not bring these from home because we absolutely did not expect to need these, but Hong Kong happened and we needed to save money after the hotel cancelled on us and we ended up paying double for our accommodation.

travel guilty pleasures
Coconut bowls in Thailand

We at first used old noodle pots but they get a bit worn after a week or two so we bought small paper tubs that we can use as bowls or as cups. We take these around with us and often have ‘noodle nights’ where we have noodles and our own drinks back in our hotel room.

We plan to upgrade these to the coconut bowls you can buy in Thailand so that we do not need to keep replacing the paper ones every few weeks. The coconut bowls are also gorgeous and I really want one anyway.

A cushion

Yes, we are also those people. We did fly out with a small pillow but ended up sending it back home because we had brought way too much stuff. Once we made it to Chiang Mai we bought a cheap cushion case and filled it with extra clothes. This serves as a way to bring a few extra belongings with us, and also acts as a third pillow for Travis as we usually share a double bed with him while we travel. It has also been useful for him sleeping on planes.

Guilty pleasures we wish we travelled with

A fun shower head

Travel has made Travis a little more dirty and a little more lazy. It is becoming more and more tough to get him to take a shower and we wish there was a way to make it easier. One of these cool shower heads would certainly make him shower a lot more often.

My own tap

Now this may sound insane but I wish I could bring my own kitchen faucet. One of my biggest hates is brushing my teeth from old, grubby or rusty taps and I wish there was a way to bring one of my own while I travel.

There is way more things I wish I had on my travels but some of them are not even invented. Like a way to remove all of the sand from my body after the beach, or keep sand off the bed or bathroom floor. Man I hate that.

What are your travel guilty pleasures?

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