Travel Sponsorship Course

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I have recently completed writing and recording my Travel Sponsorship Course which should market for around $200. At this time I am selling it at $25 to get it in front of as many eyes as possible and in the hopes that the people who get it for this price will leave some honest feedback on the course platform.

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What is included?

The “Travel For Free: The Complete Formula For Landing Brand Partnerships” course covers everything you need to know from what your website should offer brands, some quick pages you can add to increase your professionalism and has detailed templates and examples of the exact emails Natasha and David used to gain sponsors and partnerships for their 9 months trip around South East Asia with their son.

Travel Sponsorship Course

In this course you will learn;

– What kind of blog you need to look professional

– How to prepare your website to give brands the best impression possible

– How to make a media kit and what to include in it

– An example of Meldrums On The Moves media kit

– How to approach brands and what to offer them to get them excited to work with you

– How to find hotels, how to keep track of who you have spoken to and how to find the email address of the people you need to talk to

– How to craft the perfect email to hotels, with many templates and copies of the exact emails that have worked for Natasha and David

– How to lay out a review with detailed templates for hotels, restaurants, products and more

– How to liaise with brands before, during and after your partnership with them

BONUS: You will also see a detailed tutorial of how we find hotels with the facilities we want

BONUS: You will also learn how to find hotels and excursion groups who are looking to work with bloggers and want to work with them

You will also have full support from Natasha and will have a dedicated email address to contact her on throughout your learning and after.

You will also become part of the student group where we share ideas and opportunities with one another.

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Why should I trust YOU?

Natasha is a professional travel writer who secured accommodation for the majority of a 9 months trip around the world for herself and her family. Just this week she got a free hotel in Chonburi worth £214. She also has a 5 star stay in Bangkok that should cost £400+ for only £100, an invite to a private island, bus tours, walking tours, hotels, meals and more on her list of accomplishments.

A sponsored tour in Barcelona

Natasha learnt the skills and methods to do this by many, many hours of practice and has broken it down down into digestible, easy to learn modules so you can learn the best, and quickest way to start getting travel sponsorship so you can begin to travel for free.

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