9 jobs you can do to travel the world as a remote worker

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I’ve said before that there are two choices when it comes to funding long term travel around the world. You either have a huge chunk of capital from selling everything you own, or you find a way to work and travel. This is how you can travel the world as a remote worker.

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I will list some job suggestions that you can look into for remote work. You can also check out this full list of jobs you can do on the road.

1. Social media managers

Many companies hire social media managers who can work from anywhere, and can potentially travel the world as a remote worker for that company. This is exactly what I do so I know the most about this. I learnt everything I know about Social Media Management with the Freedom Junkies course.

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I work for a company who represent big brand names and I work as part of a larger team of around 7 people who take turns on monitoring the social pages of our clients. This means I am scheduled to work just like in any other regular job, but I can actually do it from anywhere I can get an internet connection.

travel the world as a remote worker
Working from my terrace in The Canary Islands

Right now I work on CST time, which means I got all the hours which were undesirable to those actually living on CST timezones. What I mean by this is I get their ‘overnight’ shift. They don’t want it, I do. To me that is a 6am start and I finish at 2pm. When I move toward Asian time I will be working at a comfortable 12pm start!

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I work at maximum 4 days a week, and minimum too. I have a whole load of free time to go exploring while earning a really good wage. That wage will go a lot further in places like Thailand or Malaysia too.

2. Moderation

The main part of my job is moderation. I do some technical support and engagement too. Some companies hire people solely to moderate. There are some big names moderator companies offering remote positions that you can take up all over the world.

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You can simply search for jobs like this on Indeed. An alternative is to search the location as ‘remote.’

3. Researchers

Some companies hire people to do research. The ones I have heard of want you to be researching results on search engines to make the results better for future use. I am not sure how this works exactly because I have never done it – I just know it exists.

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4. Webchat and email support

You can work in webchat and online support. This is more ‘real-time’ meaning your responses need to be immediate unlike in moderation. Big companies often hire people to take care of their live chat facilities for them. I done a remote job like this for a few years for a bingo company. Gambling companies aren’t usually very flexible about where you live because of the laws surrounding gambling in certain countries though.

travel the world as a remote worker email
You can provide email support

I once done a pay-per-email job for a fantasy website too. I can’t name them because I signed a contact but basically you responded to emails as if you were the person in the profile. It was pretty much a make-believe dating site, just that most of the blokes on there hadn’t read the small-print and really thought there were chatting with these women…

5. Virtual assistants

You can become a virtual assistant and work from anywhere carrying out the duties of regular assistants. You can also work in virtual call centres but you don’t really want to be answering calls from dingy bars in Bangkok or from the beach in Phuket…

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6. Translators

If you can speak another language you can often get work translating information from one language to another. The more languages you speak the more money you can make.

7. Transcribers

If you can type fast and accurately you can work remotely as a transcriber. This means listening to audio and writing down what you hear.

travel the world as a remote worker email
Listen and write down what you hear

8. Teach English

A lot of companies and learners are moving to teaching and learning their English online. Before landing my social media job I had an interview lined up to teach English online to people in Shanghai. You can make more money if you have a degree and a TEFL certificate.

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One of my good friends is living and teaching in Bangkok because he chooses to do so. He went to Thailand the first time with no qualifications and got a job no problem.

9. Writer

You can become a writer for online publications and get paid for your articles. Some people do this freelance but there are options to do this as a remote job for just one company.

Do you know of any others ways you can travel the world as a remote worker?

9 jobs you can do to travel the world as a remote worker #remoteworker #digitalnomad #travel
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Find out how you can travel the world as a remote worker #laptoplifestyle #travel
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travel the world as a remote worker

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