Why you should travel the world

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Well, obviously there are a hundred million reasons why people decide to pack it all up and travel the world. I am going to talk to you from my own experience.

This guide to the world should help you pick some interesting destinations.

See things you have never seen before

I am all for experiencing new things. I read somewhere before that the feeling of experiencing new things on a regular basis really helps battle some mental illnesses. This has been totally true for me, I have not struggled as much with anxiety at the time when I know I have another trip booked. There is so much to see outside your hometown. Take, for example, Davids trip to Kenya. He was up close and personal with wildlife he had only seen before in a zoo. Now zoos are just fine, but seeing those animals wandering around in their natural habitat is a whole new experience completely!

travel the world
Wildlife in Kenya, 2017

Deciding to travel the world can show you so many new things, some you have never seen before, some you probably never even knew existed.

Add great experiences to your resume

Traveling isn’t only good for the soul, you can enhance your CV too. Spending time abroad as a long-term traveler shows that you enjoy learning new things. You have what it takes to make things happen and can really come out of your shell even in the toughest of situations.

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travel the world
Use travel to enhance your resume

These are great qualities that any employer will absolutely be impressed with.

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Spend more time as a family

I have said it before, traveling as a family is a great experience. You are together with your family all of the time. Often people are traveling and living off savings, meaning they are moving around and never worrying about cleaning their apartments. They do not spend time doing their own laundry or cleaning a house, they are actually together and learning about each other as they all grow through their experiences.

travel the world travel family
Bonding in beautiful places

Meet new people

It can be hard to break out of your hometown bubble sometimes. I spent a lot of time and money on going out with my friends. I often wondered how people can afford to see such beautiful places because I was always skint right after payday. Well not anymore. I broke free from that consuming life and put my money toward doing what I truly wanted to do.

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travel the world
Me and Katarzyna in Birmingham, 2016

I traveled to Thailand and fell in love with the country and the people. The people we met throughout our travels have had so much more to share with us than the people stuck back home. I have learned a lot from these people and I continue to grow as a person by learning from them.

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Learn a new language

Now I am by no means an expert, but I have learned some basic Thai. I always wanted to be able to speak to people of other countries and cultures so I am so happy to be able to communicate with them in their own language. It shows respect and shows that you are not ignorant to learning things. Your new friends or even the waiters can tell you are willing to go out of your way to talk with them. It also opens up more job prospects for the future, especially if you want to work online – translators are sought after.

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Can you think of any more reasons why it is fantastic to travel the world? Let me know.

Why you should travel the world #travel
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