Travel to Australia – 3 things to know before you go

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I recently was talking with my friend Hollie who travelled Australia a couple of years ago. She had some great tips for staying on budget in Australia, and some things to know before you travel to Australia.

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travel to australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia

A lot of people make mistake when they travel to Australia and that is why I decided to share her tips with you, to save you the frustrations that others go through.

Think before you book

One thing Hollie wish she had done was think about her route before she booked her flights. Think about planning or at least having a good idea of a route as one of the things to know before going to Australia. She was travelling The Gold Coast of Australia, a popular backpacker route. Unfortunately she booked her flights to land in, and leave from Melbourne.  If she could do it all over again she said she would prefer to land in Brisbane and work her way down to fly home from Melbourne. Her flight choices meant she had to travel up, then back down The Gold Coast, cutting time and doubling travel costs as she went.

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travel to australia
Plan your route before you go

Hollie also managed to pay a lot more than she would have if she had searched more airlines. Her and her friend flew back the same day from Australia on different flights by different airlines – Hollie paying hundreds more for hers.

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Do not use a travel agent

One of the main ways people book their travel to Australia is with an agent. This is also one of the reasons people end up paying more for their flights as the travel agents need to make commissions. I have nothing against travel agents but I just have learnt through personal experience that you are going to pay a lot more by using one.

travel to australia
Try to find and book your own tickets

I have learnt different tricks and methods to finding the best prices for flights, and manage to bag really great deals every time. Check out how I managed to get 5 days all-inclusive to Ibiza for under £107pp. Taking some of your own time, and putting in a little effort can really save you a bunch of money.

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Know what kind of jobs you can, and cannot get

Australia is a whole different ball game compared to the UK. In the UK we can get a job in a cafe, or bar without and prior experience, never-mind needing a licence. In Australia baristas and coffee places require their staff to get a licence. For example to work in a bar, you need a barista licence. Basically you need to learn what to do and pass a test. This makes getting a job in Australia a lot harder than back home.

travel to australia
Baristas need a licence in Australia

You also can only work for a total of 6 months, and need to be able to fund the other 6 from savings or profits from working. Make sure you budget for this or you could see yourself home earlier than planned.

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You could always turn to someone who is an expert on the situation and read something like ‘How to arrive and thrive in Australia.

Do you have any more tips or things to know before you travel to Australia? I’d love to know.

Travel to Australia - 3 things to know before you go #travel #australia
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Consider these when you travel to Australia #australia #travel
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  • There is quite a lot to know about Australia. These tips will help anyone!

    Family Travel in Australia is another thing all together. Keep up the great work

  • I have found things to be slightly different than you mentioned in the following ways –

    The working holiday visa means that you can only work for one employer for a maximum of 6months. Then you can go find another job with another employer. Do your regional work and you can extend your working holiday visa by anther 12 months.

    Baristas (coffee gods) don’t need a license to operate. There is no such thing as a barista license. It’s really easy to get a job in a cafe in Australia. A good aittitude and willingness to learn will take you far.

    To work in a bar you require a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. Which can be done online and costs around $60 at most.

    We have some of the worst bus systems in the work. It’s generally cheaper to fly between cities.

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