Why travel with kids is better than being at home

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I get a lot of backlash about wanting to travel with a toddler. Some people think that travel with kids is bonkers. It cannot be just me who sees the fantastic benefits of travelling with your child? There are so many things that make travel with kids better than being at home.

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Here are a few reasons I keep handy when being challenged about my choices.


I read somewhere once that travelling and experiencing new things regularly helps combat depression and a feeling of wanting more. It gives you a sort-of constant state of euphoria.

Happiness at the beach

I suffer with depression and anxiety and I believe that being in an environment where I am happier is far better for the well-being of my son. It also gives me, personally, a chance to battle anxiety head of and face the fears. It shows my son that hiding away is not the answer. You can read more abut how just going to Thailand helped me get over the fear of ‘scary’ countries here.

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I believe the real world has a lot more to offer than a classroom. There are many, many factors that make learning in the real world better for kids. I know for one I found it super hard to focus in a classroom, it just did not sit well with me to waste most of my day indoors.

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Research also shows that there are more than one way to learn. This means that sitting in front of books all day is not always the answer with children. Infact, give books to my son and he eats the paper, but he has mastered how to use YouTube and can do many strange and wonderful things you cannot picture a toddler knowing. Get the kids out there and show them what you mean.

You also have a chance to teach your children more practical skills than they learn in school, think swimming, safety, language and cooking!

travel with kids
Learning by discovery

I also think it is important to make children aware from a young age that there is more to life than your hometown, or one school. So many children are committing suicide because they cannot see the bigger picture and feel trapped by their small town and their school. This terrifies me and I want my son to know we can get up and go if he was ever trapped in that situation. There is a way to leave that behind.

Making friends

Sometimes you don’t need to speak the same language to make friends. I know we made so many Thai friends in Thailand even though there was a huge language barrier! This is even more true for children, they have the universal language of ‘play.’ Nothing can stop them.

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travel with kids
Anyone can be friends

It is also really important to start bringing up our children to know that there are other people out there and they are the same as us. They should grow up mixing with everyone and having respect for every race.


It is safe to say I’ve found home-life as a Mum really stressful. Actually it tears me apart some days because I cannot keep up with the housework, working and being with my son. Being on the road means maids and hotel staff clean your room, you can pay someone to do your washing. You eat out a lot more and work is kept to a minimum and you do not feel obliged to work overtime or mad hours. You really appreciate your time off and centre life around the work-life balance.

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travel with kids
Bonding in beautiful places

This gives Mums, especially new Mums, the much needed time to bond with their baby. In our case Travis and David will be able to bond because they have missed out on so much because of Davids job. And Mum can relax a little more!

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Can you think of any more reasons why travelling is better than being at home with your kids?

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