Category: Travel Tips

Welcome to the travel tips archives. In this section of articles I cover everything from earning points for free travel, to packing techniques to help you carry less luggage (especially helpful when you are in charge of carrying your little ones’ bags or when travelling hand luggage only.)

My tips are designed to make family travel cheaper for normal families. This is why there are tips about using points to make cheaper travel, collect free flights and giving you all coupons for cheaper accommodation too.

I also want to make family travel easier. This is why I offer ‘hacks’ such as tips for packing more into your kids bag or what to pack in a changing bag for a flight. Family travel should be as relaxing and hassle-free as possible. We want as many families to live the life of their dreams, just like we do. We will do everything we can to help you make that possible.

Family travel should also be enjoyable. Not everyone is traveling and earning a great income at the same time. Sometimes it benefits people to know what fun and exciting free things there are to do in certain places and we make a habit of sharing our little discoveries with our readers.

We are here to make your family travel cheaper, easier and more enjoyable.