Review: Travelodge Hotel Scotch Corner A1 Southbound

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Hotel: Travelodge Hotel Scotch Corner

Date: March 2014

Room: Standard Triple Room


We chose this hotel because we were going to an event nearby early the next morning. The hotel was clean and well kept. The rooms were cozy and spacious enough for three people. There was not excess noise. We chose this Travelodge family room because there were three of us sharing the room for the night.

Travelodge family room
The single bed at the hotel


Travelodge Hotel Scotch Corner is located right where it says on the label, Scotch Corner. This hotel is very close to the motorway and breaks up a long drive really well. For military families this is really close to Catterick for the numerous events that happen there. There are services nearby and lots of shops incase you need anything. We loved that we could get a Krispy Kreme nearby.

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I slept just fine here. The beds were comfortable and the room was nice and warm despite the freezing cold weather outside. I shared a double bed with my friend Lisa and we both had plenty room and plenty covers.

Travelodge family room
Our triple room


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We did not meet anyone else during our stay. Because of the event we were attending at Catterick I assume all other guests that night were Military related in some way.

My favourite part

I loved the location. It is so simple to get to from the motorway. I hate driving busy areas and was a bit nervous for this trip but it was totally fine.

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My least favourite part

The only part of staying here that I did not like would maybe be the lack of services in the hotel. I was starving and we had to go to the service station for food. That is fine because there is plenty of choice but we all know hoe much more expensive it is to shop at motorway service stations. Just to get a regular meal was shocking in cost. The hotel could offer more food for guests arriving a bit later on.

Travelodge family room
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Travelodge family room
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