How to treat a sunburnt head from someone who has experienced it

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So you didn’t see my tips for avoiding a sunburnt head, huh? Or maybe you did but you saw them too late. Well now it is time to hear how you can quickly treat a sunburnt head so it quickly heals and is back to normal as soon as possible.

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Our recent trip to Ibiza left us with sunburnt heads where the hair parts and it was very, very tender for a few days. Here is how I helped to heal the sunburn as quickly as possible

Remove yourself from the sun

Lucky for us we got burnt on our last day as we explored our way to the airport. This meant we were quickly removed from the sun that day, preventing further damage.

treat a sunburnt head
Go into the shade for a while

We landed back in Scotland the same day it happened so we had no worries of furthering the sun burn in the cold Scottish weather. It actually began to snow the next day after we arrived home…

Treat the area with Aloe Gelly

I began to treat the worst areas of the burns with Aloe Gelly. This gel is so soothing it takes away the sting and quickly reduces the inflammation surrounding the burns. For added cooling we keep it in the fridge – just one of our handy Meldrum tips!

kids first case of sunburn
Aloe Gelly is the best for soothing and healing

Use aloe infused shampoo

I didn’t want to irritate my scalp or the sunburn by using harmful and strong shampoo on our heads. I opted for the Forever Living shampoo because it has aloe vera in it which had soothing and healing abilities.

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My scalp stayed cool while avoiding further irritation and inflammation on my scalp burns.

Avoid hot water

I am not saying have cold or freezing showers, but do NOT use really hot water on your burns. You will only cause them to sting and aggravate them. Use coolish water.

What are your best tips to treat a sunburnt head?

How to treat a sunburnt head from someone who has experienced it #aloevera #travel
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