Review: Twin Cafe Chiang Mai

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Restaurant: Twin Cafe Chiang Mai

Location: Across from Holiday Inn Chiagmai

Date: May 2016


On our last morning in Chiang Mai we have breakfast at Twin Cafe Chiang Mai. It was one of the few places in the area that was actually open. I absolutely loved this place. I am not sure why, the food was just normal but I loved it. It may have been  the chic, cool decor, or maybe just that it was the first time in ages I had had some food that was just like it would be back home!


Twin Cafe Chiang Mai is across from the Holiday Inn Chiang Mai. This is outside of the Old Town near the river.


It was early morning when we ate here, so we just had sandwiches. There were no real ‘breakfast’ options. The sandwiches were so, so good. They reminded me of how they were made back home, nothing strange added in.

Twin Cafe Chiang Mai
Just simple sandwiches

There were some baked goods on offer too and little packages of food you could take away with you. I wanted some so bad but we were about to got on a hot and sticky bus ride that they would not had survived!

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We were the only tourists in Twin Cafe Chiang Mai at the time. The cafe is right beside a hospital so we saw a lot of the Thai staff from the hospital in here. It was nice knowing it was a place the locals enjoyed to eat too.

My favourite part

I loved the decor in there. It was kinda hipster, chic, just so different from a lot of the places we had seen in Thailand so far.

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My least favourite part

I cannot think of anything I did not like here. Maybe they could serve some more traditional breakfast food early in the morning. Not a huge complaint though, we really liked it here!

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Check out the awesome Twin Cafe Chiang Mai #food #travel
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For awesome and delicious food check out Twin cafe Chiang Mai #thailand #travel
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