Two months until take off

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EEEK. Two months until take off… two months until we leave Scotland and everything we have ever known to explore South East Asia as a family of three backpackers. My excitement levels are out the roof!

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Where we stand now

We are still staying with my brother. At this time we are just pushing until Davids final day at work (the 27th YAY.) We will end this month on a high at my step-brothers wedding in our local Memorial Hall.

Three months until take off
The Memorial Hall, Innerleithen

Of course that means outfit shopping is on the cards soon, I hate that part.

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I quit my freelancing job I got through Upwork, it was eating up all of my time and giving me less time to work on our own businesses which are doing so well that it would be a real shame to neglect them right now. That means saving £800 in Upwork commissions will be tough for paying off our insurance in one big payment, but I can easily afford it off my monthly wage. The bonus is I have around $500 in Upwork ready to be withdrawn into my Payoneer account which I can easily spend through Thailand.

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Final checks

We can officially book Travis’ vaccinations now he is two. We have those ordered and will be ready to get them as soon as they arrive. David is waiting on some serious CT scans which could show up something rare yet horrendous, fingers crossed all is well and our plans go forward we we hoped. I am still waiting to hear the results of the x-rays on my hips.

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David has now been told they will not do his final medical until half way into September, but at least it will happen before we go.

Our businesses

Our website is doing well and is flying it’s way up the DA ranks (for those with no idea what that means, it is a great thing.) We are often being asked to collaborate with other bloggers, hotels and other brands and our articles are being shared across many social media platforms. It is nice to see hard work begin to pay off. Oh, and we are starting to rank on Google, all before we took SEO seriously. Big things are happening.

two months until take off

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We have written and sell two courses. We know we could make a lot more money from them but we want them to be accessible to everyone. If you are interested in travelling on sponsorship or boosting your blogs traffic then check out the links.

So what is next?

We decided to give a European fling a miss. Though it is so tempting since we used our flight tricks to price up a cheap trip to Greece and another even cheaper to France… BUT we did pay off in full our trip to Mallorca for June 2018 so that is a huge bonus.

We have decided to treat our hometown like we would any travel destination and have been out exploring bits we have never seen before or looking at places we see all the time with fresh eyes. We have a whole list of places around town we need to go and explore too. As we do we will create handy guides and video vlogs of each place.

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So from today it is officially two months until take off, and although we are almost ready to go we have a few things to sort out… who knows of a good camera drone? Or wants to help us pack up the room we are renting? What would you do with only two months until take off?

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Only two months until take off - out epic family travel adventure #travel
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