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Travelling is something that is considered to be pretty expensive. So working as much as you can before your trip to get a good travel fund must be key right? Well no, not exactly. There are some great remote, online jobs you can do whilst travelling enabling you to travel whilst working and not overloading yourself with work before you go to get the money you need. You can use apps and sites like Upwork get paid the whole time you are away so you never have to come home. Here is how to make money on Upwork so you can travel long term.

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What is Upwork?

So what really is Upwork? Upwork is a freelancing platform which is worldwide. Previously known as Elance-oDesk but was renamed Upwork in 2015. Upwork is a platform where business’s and professional freelancers can connect and work together from anywhere in the world. To date Upwork currently has twelve million registered freelancers as well as five million registered clients.

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Upwork is the most valuable in the freelance market having three million jobs posted annually, being worth around one billion USD. This just shows you how much money is there to be made and with three million jobs posted annually surely getting one wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong, getting work here can be pretty difficult due to the shear number of freelancers wanting the same work as you. Ultimately most of the the time it comes down to who will do the job for the cheapest. You can freelance on Upwork get paid pretty quickly (you choose the schedule) and carry on your travels with the funds to enjoy it to the fullest.

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There are many different kinds of work available, meaning there are many ways how to make money on Upwork. Work ranges from article and blog writing to web development to design to customer service. So whatever your skills and traits are i’m sure you will be able to find work that suits you. However saying that and previously mentioning just how many registered freelancers there is, you will need to make your profile stand out! You need to have something that others don’t so that the client will accept your proposal for the job rater than somebody else.

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Work while travel

I am currently in a full time job however I still do work on Upwork. I am planning on doing this while I travel. This will allow me to keep travelling where ever i want for as long as i want due to me having a wage coming in, which many other travellers don’t and that’s why their travels sadly come to an end one day. You can decide how often you use Upwork get paid according to how much you are putting into it, so you are in charge of how much you want to earn too.

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This Upwork platform really was a genius idea and has resulted in making many, many lives a whole lot happier due to being able to work from various places such as home, abroad on the white sandy beaches of Thailand or just anywhere with wifi. Giving the family man or woman more time with family and the traveler more time to travel.

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Do you know how to make money on Upwork? What are your tips?

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