The ultimate guide to Utah with kids

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It is no secret that Utah is a hub for winter sports, national parks and other natural wonders. But is Utah a destination worth taking the kids? If your family is anything like ours then outdoor adventures are absolutely the top of the bucketlist. But what else is there to do in Utah with kids? Below we will tell you the best things to do, best places to stay and where you should grab a bite to eat in Utah.

Utah with kids

Where to stay in Utah

There is an endless list of possible places to stay in Utah with kids. We have found during our extensive travels that having the use of a kitchen, private bathroom and other homely products really makes travelling with kids a lot more comfortable and definitely easier. This led us to discover this list of awesome homes for rent in Utah by Luxury Retreats.

Salt Lake City, Utah

provo utah with kids

Salt Lake City is probably the most popular destination in Utah. It is known worldwide for its spectacular skiing and other winter sports activities. I certainly have been aware of Utah for a really long time because it featured in a movie I used to watch as a kid. Salt Lake City is very kid-friendly and is one of the top picks to visit in Utah with kids.

Park City, Utah

park city utah with kids

Park City is in the East of Utah and is a popular skiing resort town. The mountains around Park City can reach up to 9000 feet. This means families can enjoy zip-lining, tubing and hiking, among other activities. There is such a range of things to do here that everyone should find something they like in Park City.

Provo, Utah

provo utah with kids

One of the most popular travel families in the world, The Bucketlist Family, are actually from Utah. If you follow their travels around the world you will see that one of the first places they decided to visit was Provo in Utah. This certainly says a lot about what it has to offer families since their kids were very young at the time of visiting, it makes sense that Provo has a lot to offer families with toddlers too.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of places to stay in Utah with kids, but it does cover some popular areas an introduces you briefly to what Utah has to offer. The best way to choose accommodation fit for a family is the link above, but you can also do your own research to find hotels if that is the kind of accommodation you prefer.

Things to do in Utah with kids

As mentioned above Utah is a hub for winter sports, picture yourself skiing, snowboarding, zip-lining and much more. But what if you want to enjoy Utah with kids? Not to worry, there are plenty family activities in Utah to help you get your winter-fun fix.

National Parks

Utah with kids national parks

Utah is a haven for national parks. You could spend weeks, or months fulyl exploring all of the natural beauty Utah has to offer. Some of the top picks for Utah are:

– Zion National Park

– Arches National Park

– Bryce Canyon National Park

– Canyonlands National Park

– Capitol Reef

Spend a few hours, or even a full day exploring any of these National Parks to get your nature fix. We love adventuring outdoors so National Parks are one of our top activities that we always try to do in a new country.

Winter Sports with kids

Utah with kids winter sports

Utah is well known for its winter sports activities. Many people picture this as adult-only fun but it really does not have to be. Utah offers families the chance to enjoy the following winter sports together;

– Zip-lining

– Tubing

– Skiing

– Snow-showing

– Ice-skating

– Making ice castles

– Sleigh Rides

Kid-focused activities

Utah with kids playing

Utah with kids does not need to be all about winter sports or outdoor activities. There is a range of fun things to do on those rainy days too. A Utah family vacation can include any of the following fun family activities;

– Indoor soccer

– Children’s Museum

– SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

– Indoor trampolining

– Hogle Zoo

– Clark Planetarium

– Tracy Aviary

There are plenty of indoor family activities in Utah, from sports, to educational and more. The list above is not inclusive of everything Utah has to offer, but it certainly gives an idea of the kind of family fun you can expect in Utah.


Utah with kids mountainUtah with kids mountain

Utah offers a great range of mountains to enjoy. You can take a hike, enjoy a picnic or even spend the day teaching the kids how to capture some great photographs. Check out Twin Peakes or Mount Peale, both over 3000 metres high.

Enjoy a day visiting Temple Square or attend the Sundance Film Festival. Not everything on a Utah family vacation needs to be focused on winter. Take in art and culture, enjoy dance, ballet, opera or theatre family fun in Utah.

What to eat in Utah

Besides your typical food venues, Utah has some yummy offerings. Salt Lake City offers it’s own signature dishes including;

– Crown Burgers

– Navajo Tacos

– Funeral Potatoes

– Beer Lake Raspberries

– Mile High Biscuits

If you want to try something very Utah-traditional the above should be your go-to choices. Try the all-American favourite of Potato Tots as a side and wash it down it Utahs High West Lemonade. Yummy.

 Of course, you will find all your typical fast food dotted around Utah too, but try some of the above for a real authentic taste of Utah, and most of them will be enjoyed by the kids too. Win-win.

Have you been to Utah with kids? What is your best travel tip?

Thinking of visiting Utah with kids? | Salt Lake City | Park City | Provo | Zion | National Parks with kids | Arches national Park | Kids World Travel Guide | skiing with kids | Winter sports with kids | kids utah trip
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Thinking of visiting Utah with kids? | Salt Lake City | Park City | Provo | Zion | National Parks with kids | Arches national Park | Kids World Travel Guide | skiing with kids | Winter sports with kids | kids utah trip
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